Monday, 30 November 2020

Clutching at Straws - Marillion

 As with the Herp's Covers the Moth Traps too are sailing close to the wind of


but while we keep catching such as those below we'll keep the home fires burning into the upcoming
Not unexpected but someting of a surprise the both resident and migrant
could turn up at any time of the year but surely a 'colinizer' rather than an 'incomer'?
is surely close to its final 2020 appearance?
From here on it is as the headline suggests as things remain just a little less than duff!
So much so we have decided to feature our tiny Oppo the
which has been a daily feature at the
Heath Moth Traps
since late Spring and making life just a little more difficult!
We make every effort to release our Insects responsibly which now involves consigning them to a small contained and dumping then away from the trap's site depriving Mr Red Breast of his breakfast!
Otherwise and there is only just an OTHERWISE as
are represented by just this single male bird as numbers of
have swollen to a couple of pairs all at the Gravel Pit and
get in a bit of early practice
before the serious business of pre-nuptual sparring begins!
Dribs and Drabs
arrival continues with some still showing signs of juvenile plumage
which fits perfectly if these were for instance Scottish birds.

A hand held over a candle in angst fuelled bravado
A carbon trail scores a moist stretched palm
Trapped in the indecision of another fine menu
And you sit there and ask me to tell you the story so far
This is the story so far

 Talking of which, LOVE 'em as we do, having had a close association with the Jocks during our years at sea and the annual 10 day Bird Watching spell on the first crew change out of Aberdeen during April they really can do little wrong in my eyes. That however was enhanced somewhat when those fine   Hearts of Lothian - Marillion released their first 2 albums in fairly quick succession. Personally we see both as more like Social Documents than Musical Compossions as describing some eliments, particularly the youth, to an absolute tee being an addict for lyrics as I am!

From the dream on the barbed wire at Flanders and Bilston Glen
From a Clydeside that rusts from the tears of its broken men
From the realisation that all we've been left behind
Is to stand like our fathers before us in the firing line

Waiting on the whistle to blow
We stand here waiting on the whistle to blow
They promised us miracles, and the whistle still blows
Broken promises but the whistle still blows
Waiting on the whistle to blow
We stand here waiting on the whistle to blow

       Strongly recommended are the 2 consecutive works

Misplaced Childhood 


                  Clutching at Straws             

The lyrics will blow you away but it’s possible that we are “preaching to the converted”?

This post is dedicated to the fine tallants of messres Fish (vocals), Rothery (lead guitar), Trewavas (Bass), Kelly (keyboards) and Mosley (drums).

Sunday, 29 November 2020

All in a Mouses Night - Genesis

 Herps is a vernacular term for non-avian reptiles and amphibians but as far as what we describe as

Herp Covers

is concerned this is something of a misnomer.

From beneath we have recorded small Mammals, as was the case today, Insects, Arachnids, Snails et al but still continue to use the term.

Being only Friday it wasn’t even close to the routine we have gotten ourselves into of turning them on a Sunday, but with little else to be found need where needs must! To emphersise the point all that was found yesterday was a

most welcome
 which will likely be the final find under the covers for 2020.

 Under such circumstances it is usual to take stock of what has been recorded over the year with the signs not being at all Good.

In no particular order, we would start with the humble
which appears not to have fared too well at all compared with previous years.
We only log individual sightings, with no attempt to specify individual creatures or mark them in any way, with this years count having been as low as 13 sightings where in other years it has been 'dozens'!
As far as the
 is concerned this was the only example recorded this year but not to say there are not others out there?
Next, the already endangered and protected by law
of which there have been
no more than c2 sightings!
The absolute 'beauty' that is the
 Creatures shaped this planet's soil
Now their reign has come to end
has only been noted on a single occassion across 2020
as, sad to say, has the
 Has life again destroyed life?
Do they play elsewhere, do they know
More than their childhood games?
which may be close to extinction here?
Maybe the lizard's shed its tail
This is the end of man's long union with Earth
Watcher of the Skies - Genesis
Finally, for our patch at least and most numerous,

Dave Foot
with shedded Smooth Snake skin.
Appears also to have declined with just 33 sightings whereas in previous years
3 to 5 dozen would be a usual tally.
We end this post with a likely impossible wish list as we pay a visit to Portland, Dorset
to view one of their specialities

Oh to have them Here!