Monday, 31 July 2017

(And There Will Your Heart Be Also) - Fields of the Nephilim

Only the most tentative link between today's Headline and the
Post itself, but we only have to clock or hear the word
and all our sense of reasoning heads directly to
The Nephilim are not only my favourite Goth Outfit but also
purveyors of some of the most innovative, ground-breaking
and exciting music we have ever had the pleasure to come across.
(And There Will Your Heart Be Also) 

We must suffer, to free our pain
Can you help us, to find our way
You're here to stay!
Stay here in paradise
I'd end this moment, to be with you
Through morphic oceans, I'd lay here with you
Only to stay, stay here in paradise
Only to stay son
Lonely, from this maelstrom free are you
From this maelstrom to be with you

It is not unusual (as Tom once said) to be distracted from our 
early morning ventures by a bird, plant or even insects outside
of the traps with yesterday involving all 3.
followed by an important Plant here which thus far we hadn't seen this year.
For safety reasons some of the ditch system here has had to be back-filled and along
with it and unfortunately with it some of the
fell to the JCB. Food plant for our 'speciality' Moth here
we cannot afford to lose this from the only known breeding colony in the
County of Dorset.
and then. treading the lily-pads what we have suspected for a while now a
 A single adult bird has been present from early spring, but without a 
partner there seemed little likelihood of procreation.
Nevertheless, a second adult was seen a week or 3 ago and then
 our hopes were blessed with this 'new arrival'. 
The loss of part of the ditch has had some beneficial effect as
have been planted there in its stead, resulting in a 
Mister Monet 
phoning and asking if he could come and do some 'canvas spoiling' in our area!
On our return to Slight II we caught the local marauding
 trying to steal even more of our
 what else?
The remainder of our humble effort features just some of the
many young Birds around here trying to survive by learning the
Tricks of their Trade.
This young
dropped in at the Gravel Pit to join c2
already there.
Having bred in the surrounding trees,
once again have done remarkably well this year,

finding plenty of food in the virtual sanctuary of the
Solar Panel Compounds.
Likewise, this fully grown but still juvenile
is learning the ropes, but despite its size
still seems to be struggling a bit with what looks like some kind of larvae?
As a finale
we have noticed of late that all the 
berries have already turned orange and fully ripe, this is a
full month earlier than usual or what was expected!
Our Final Link
Sumerland - Fields of the Nephilim
May You Always Be There

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Rabbit - Chas and Dave

Nothing Big, Bold or Flamboyant about any of our
'New Addition Moths'
but given the continuing abysmal weather conditions
we feel lucky to have caught anything at all in recent days.
 By no means anything much to look at given its badly worn condition,
but in this instance an addition to our Recording Area List.
is an Insect of bushy areas on Chalky soils and Limestone cliffs,
neither of which we have here, and considered 'common' and attracted to light in small numbers.
It would seem we have caught our specimen between broods as flight periods are given as
May and June and again in August. 
 Considered another good capture as described as 'rare', 'very local' and
'seriously declining' with habitat restricted to Heathland.
is not new to us but only said to occur on the heaths of 
East Dorset and West Hampshire (the latter being almost an adjoining neighbour)
so we are well placed to maybe see a little more of this disappearing Insect? 
the Migrant
and a
Out and About, given the season, things are a little quiet
"but quite frankly my dear, common or rare, as long as we see it
we don't give a damn"!
During our early morning rounds yesterday, and none too far from home, we found
in bloom
with the continued 'daily' accompaniment, either visual or vocal, of 
Cetti's Warbler, both larger Woodpeckers, Reed Bunting and Warbler, Kingfisher,
foraging parties of mainly juvenile Long-tailed Tit along with the occasional Grey Heron,
Raven, Mediterranean Gull and dozen upon dozen of Mistle Thrush
yer in Paradise before you even kick off!
Getting back to Slight Return II to photograph the catch and update the Lists
we found we had a new room-mate a
which can do little more than kill you with just one bite, we'll see how
things go before we decided to evict her!
Only joking about the bite Aggggaaarrrrr!
Up the Common things remain fairly static with the juvenile
has lost all traces of that up-until-now
Humbug Plumage
and as far as we can establish
Parent Bird's
are still incubating at both Irrigation Pond and Gravel Pit.
Before leaving the latter a couple of
dropped in for a bath and dhobie and a drink 
but always keeping their distance, nervy little Pigeons these!
Before heading off to the Heath we first took a look at the
Subsidiary Pond
where to our delight we most certainly recorded a
Sedge Warbler
which, given just fleeting glimpses, looked highly likely to have been a juvenile.
Maybe the 56 days continuous singing, right across the Spring months,
did pay dividends in the end????
Also there were good numbers of
 including some young birds,
 a more than healthy
population, with no signs of  myxomatosis here so far this year.
along with a small gathering of
on the Solar Panels and beneath most obliging
 Hardly through the gate, this
(the first for many days now)
 popped out of the Gorse bush and took up sentinel on the upper thorns.
 Another juvenile, this time a 
was feeding feverishly along the main track but then something that has
been 4 days in the coming, the first sighting of the new arrival and addition to the
 (comprising c2 each of Belted Galloway and Shetland Cattle)
looking to the untrained eye every bit like a Bull but informed by
Alison the Herds Lady
to be a STEER
it was considered amazing what can be done with c2 'building bricks'!!
On today's 
Perimeter Walk - Marillion
it as decided to attempt a count of the numerous young Stonechat
here at the moment. A difficult enough task with all the toing and froing,
but came up with what was thought to be a rather low figure of c42?
Along with these and the Cattle there were some seriously 'sparkling'
 adult male
 just a pity the images were not a little sharper, and a considered nice pose of young
Give a Bird a Latin name such as
and it is destined to maintain a
Bad Reputation - Thin Lizzy
for the rest of its existence. 
However, in addition to the spectacle that is a
Starling Murmoration
just stop and take a longer and closer look at these
wonderfully plumaged birds particularly at this time of year.
The views of the very small number on the Heath were astonishing to say the least,
but what was to unfold at the end my day
 while sat in the 
Great Hall
 Slight Return II
and decanting a second bottle of
 1988 Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1er Grand Cru Classe Paulliac
("Oh wouldn't you just die for the Vintage '88 darlings?)
watching a gathering of some 2 - 300 individuals 
right outside the
Palladian Window!
It’s a 'sair fecht' as they might say in The Granite City - Aberdeen!