Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Headline News

A bit earlier start this morning than usual, I was on the bus to Portland at 06-20. There, I bumped into Richard Cockram and later Peter Coe and Graham Walbridge but between us we saw precious little through Top Fields, West Cliff and the Slopes, but a bull Grey Seal broke the deadlock as we arrived at the Bill. 19 Black-headed Gull accompanied in their feeding by a single Mediterranean Gull were also there, with a few Wheatear dotted across the Common and Bill Quarry with the odd Chiffchaff here and there. Things perked up further at the Obs where a single Spotted Flycatcher was joined by no fewer than 3 Turtle Doves in the garden Sycamores. On the way home, via the Privet Hedge path, 3 Stonechat were seen and again a few Skylark and a couple of noisy Kestrel. The Turtle Dove photographs were the first I have managed in Dorset.

Turtle Dove - Obs Garden

Kestrel - Top Fields

Bull Grey Seal - Portland Bill

As predicted yesterday, I am this morning proud to announce the birth of the future Prime Minister of Australia, the likely first man to set foot on Mars, future winner of 10 Olympic Golds and prospective finder of a cure for the Common Cold, my second Grandson. Frederick David York was born to Lisa (my youngest daughter) and her husband Commander Bernard York at 01-30 Australian time (16-30 GMT) and weighed in at 6lb 7oz. Bearing the first name of my father and my middle name, this is a privilege indeed and so many of their friends and family in UK send best wishes to all 3 of them. It is hoped there will soon be photographs to follow.

Also last evening I ventured back to Radipole and was successful in re-locating the 3 Ruddy Shelducks. Easily viewable just outside of the Visitor's Center, they were a little difficult to photograph as at most times reed height prevented a clear shot. With provenance unknown I will include them on my 'year list' which now stands at 246, just 3 species short (at the same time) of my record year of 2000.

Ruddy Shelduck - one of 3 at Radipole Lake, Dorset

Ditto - bottoms up

Ditto - all 3

Egypt continued - from the Sewerage Works outside of Sharm El Sheikh

Mohamed, Me & Assam my new found mates at the Sharm Sewerage Works, where there was always a cup of tea waiting during my 3 visits

Bluethroat - Red-spotted (Luscinia svecica) adult

Bluethroat - White-spotted (Luscinia cyanecula) adult

Bluethroat - 'first winter'