Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Rain Stops Play - Or Not As the Case May Be!

Red-breasted Merganser in Dorset any time during June is a good record as far as I am concerned, mainly as I have never witnessed one in that month. So as the 'flaming' month kicked in I was disappointed to wake at 06-00 and find it chuckin' it down with rain. The plan had been to head straight for Ferry Bridge, where a lingering pair had forsaken their migratory instincts, but given the circumstances I turned over for an extra hour.

By 11-00 things had not changed, so Ille and I decided to cut our losses and head to The Swan for a late brunch and some further sight-seeing later if it cleared up. Unbeknown to us the celebrations were already in full swing for local business man Mick Plunckett's birthday and we arrived in time to share in a fine chocolate cake and a drink or two.

Some of the locals attending Mick's (white jacket) party, with my ex ship mate Ted King (foreground) sat next to his partner Vera Powell and in turn Val Watts etc, etc.

Mick and admirer.

Ille has long enjoyed what used to be our (UK) traditional dish, before curry took over, and opted for the fish and chips, while I went for the steak & kidney pudding, which at sea we knew familiarly as 'babies heads.

Another old shipmate I hadn't seen fora while, Mick Barge (and wife Chris), sat next to us for an hour sharing 'tales of the sea'.

and while I never thought I'd see the day when I featured a dog in these pages, Ille was so taken by a trio of St Bernard's that I thought why not.

It was also great to bump into Albert Gillan, ex-Chief Engineer and Basil the Taxi who of course sends his love and best wishes to Lisa.