Saturday, 14 January 2012

Dipper in Lyme Regis

The first bird of the day was this Magpie as we waited for

the 09:15 bus to take us to Lyme Regis where the only snag was the closure of 2 of the main roads, meaning the bus had to drop us at the top of the village.

An advantage as far as we were concerned as the views from the Municipal Park are stunning and we took full advantage, You'll note my reference to 'we' as today I enjoyed the company of my friend Lesley Brown, who enhanced the bright sunshine, clear blue sky with a slightly colder feel all round!

We first walked along the sea-front,

then the groynes, at the east beach, overlooking the landslips and the bay, but there was no sign of the Spotted Sandpiper.

This was followed by a walk out to the Cob with little more than a single Purple Sandpiper for our trouble.

A lone Guillemot was close inshore,

giving a chance for a couple of close shots,

as was an obliging Rock Pipit. A prolonged search was made for the pair of Black Redstart but they seemed to have vanished too,

while a most vocal Dipper did add to the Year List albeit with little more than a fleeting glimpse.

House Sparrow plus another

Purple Sandpiper were seen along the promenade, but that was about all the birding there was for today.

However, Golden Cap, the highest point on the south coast of England, was now seen in good light, as we noticed

this banner advertising the appearance of Whole Lotta Led the best Zeppelin Tribute band I have ever seen, so guess I'll see you at the Marine Theatre on the 11th February?

A Starling on the roof of the Royal Standard pub welcomed us to dine,

Lesley opting for the Fish & Chips, and me the Ham & Eggs.

On leaving the pub we did see several Brown Rats along the River Lym, plus a single

Grey Squirrel in the park, but it was now time to return to Weymouth. With a decent bottle of 'white' in the fridge at my house we got off the bus there, spending the last couple of hours together watching Pink Floyd, George Harrison, REM and Mariza (you really need to take a listen to this lady Mariza on you-tube ) on the DVD. A new day tomorrow - so bring it on!

The Year (January) List now stands at 165