Thursday, 27 October 2011

Down By The Riverside - Louis Armstrong

Having to play catch-up again' it's back to late afternoon yesterday and although the flight was some minutes early there was the 1+ hour in Pisa from BST. 1.5 Eoro from the airport to the centre of town was a steel as it must have been a full 5Km, and as it stopped I could already see some of the fine architecture beyond the old city walls. No time for that at present, even though the day was getting long, with hotel to find and stow the kit. The Roma Hotel fitted the bill in as much as it was just a matter of yards from the Old City and time now was becoming something of a premium.

Enter Nello Bruno, a man who certainly knows his business and although the tarrif was more than I'd hoped to pay it was worth it to be in his company. Helpful really isn't the word, as he immediately answered all by pressing and immediate questions and I was booked in, sent to my room and back on the street in a blink of the eye.

I have to say of Bruno, that if all the Italians I meet are just half his worth then the trip is going to be more than memorable. First he advised I head for the banks of the River Arno, where looking to the west the sun was already well below the horizon leaving a lovely afterglow.

This is the veiw east, from the other side of the bridge, while along the banks were an array

of interesting buildings such as this tiny church

and an even larger version.

A statue of Garibaldi was the last thing I noted here a timely reminder of how much I like his biscuits - hee hee!

Arriving at the world famous Leaning Tower there was little enough light to see it let alone allow a decent photograph,

which was the same with all the other buildings which doubtless have prospect. I will do my best to bring you better immages of them

tomorrow, but being 'puffed out' it was most certainly time for

a Beer & a Bite to Eat - Pizza, what else.

Finally, I should say that this trip started with a 'one way' flight ticket so there is no rush to get back. In so doing, I am hoping to visit the last 5 countries not yet seen by myself which logistically may present a few interesting moments. Don't forget Rome wasn't built in a day - so I'll go there when it's finished!

& now the Bloody Spell Check isn't working - so over to you Sheila!