Thursday, 12 April 2012

Misty Mountain Hop - Led Zeppelin

Weather wise, there is no such thing as a 'clear' bright morning here in fact each and every one begins with gloom. The mountain mist is fairly dense and slow to clear while at the other end of the day as darkness fall hours of torrential rain begins. It is mainly due to this that the Blog will/should be posted a little earlier each day, but if a 'rarity' suddenly arrives then anything could happen.

Having already posted a few shots of the Fraser's Hill Resort, most of the photos that follow over the next few days will be confined to wildlife, mainly birds.


We still haven't managed to get a decent shot of this rowdy yet timid ORIENTAL MAGPIE ROBIN, but will continue working on it.


Unfortunately, this BABBLER? remains unidentified.

The BOTTLE BRUSH is one of the best catchments for small birds as will be seen later.

A slightly better image of JAVAN CUCKOOSHRIKE



What BALOO (Jungle Book) might call a PAW-PAW.


and to wind up today a little something for the Mothers (and Un-Married Moth'ers)
During the early morning birding session (07:00 to 09:30) no fewer than 51 species of Moth were photographed (poorly in most cases) but here is a selection with more to follow later.

I fancy this was slightly larger than Convolvulus Hawk-Moth

My personal favorite, wot says you BOMBER?