Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Final Countdown - Last Day in South America

The name of Homero Manzi is synonymous with Tango, not only here in Buenos Aries but across the whole of Latin America and much of the world. A Poet, writer and football fanatic Senor Manzi opened a string of Tango cafes across the country, and while I'm in no position to discuss the finer points, I do know people travel from all points of the globe to watch these fine performers. I had seen the 'street dancers' in Boca before, but this display of what is an extremely sensual dance form, with the accompaniment of such a fantastic combo, took it to a new level. So, at last we have had some Tango and a fine meal and went to bed ready to enjoy my final day of the trip.

Restaurant & Bar

Some of the many trophies.

Let's Tango

The Band, a group of extremely talented musicians.

All of the Tango dancers.

This morning at 8 I bid a fond farewell to Jim and Liz as they left to start a 90 minute drive heading to a cattle ranch, where they are going to play Gauchos for a couple of days before flying onward to the Iguassu Falls. Luckily the overnight downpours seemed to have paved the way for a beautifully sunny, cloudless and hot day, that coupled with the Costanera Sur being open all day, very few people and a sprinkling of birds I had a little flurry for my last full day on South American soil. Once again Herons, Ibis and Egrets were all but absent with the 2 day visits amounting to a single Great White, 3 Snowy Egrets and a lone Black-crowned Night Heron. There were quite a number of re-encounters such as Green-barred Woodpecker, some perfect male Hooded Siskins, c2 more Brown-hooded Gulls, but like the Siskins not at all obliging plus dozens of House Sparrows and Starlings. There were also 2 additions with a total of c5 Glittering-bellied Emerald (Hummingbirds) added to the Trip List and c3 Bay-winged Hawk, an adult and c2 juveniles probably making up the last 'World Lifer' of the tour.

I'm hoping to put together a post for tomorrow as I have a couple of hours to kill, but have already checked-in 'on line' and got an emergency exit seat, offering much more leg room on the long-haul (13 hours BA to Paris, 2 hour transit then 90 minutes to Heathrow).

female White-lined Tanager

Double-collared Seedeater taking a bath

2 views looking north from the middle of the Costanera Sur,

side by side they make the whole panorama.

Bay-winged Hawk (juvenile) alighting.

Bay-winged Hawk perched.

and a bevy of Butterflies, but no idea of species

except perhaps this is a Sp of Swallow-tail