Tuesday, 26 January 2010

To Arequipa - 800 'Ticks' or Bust

Late afternoon yesterday was spent sorting my onward journey. For about 20 quid I get an overnight coach to Arequipa, but that is via the ancient Nazca city of Ica which is just one hour from here. The connecting bus leaves at 21-30 and should get me to Peru's second or third (depending which view you take) at about noon on Wednesday. I must say, if nothing else, I am looking forward to a large, juicy Alpaca steak once I get there and by then I expect I'll be needing it! All irons remain in the fire, but the Reserva National Salinas, Aguada Blancas looks promising for Andean Gull, but if a place can look forboading on 'Google Earth' then this place does. I know no more about it than, there appears to be a huge lake surrounded by snow capped volcanoes and looks like a fair distance from Arequipa, but then, that's what we're here for isn't it?

As you can see Red-legged Cormorant has joined the list since the last post, a bird that was so common here, has been seen as no more than a 'fly-by', so let's hope for better views in the future. On the way back from the bus terminal (where, on my last day I met Henry Beach the only 'birder' in Paracas) I paid another visit to the saltings and small inlet where yesterdays photographs show the Gulls and Terns to congregate. I haven't given up on Sabine's Gull, but by way of bonus did find some rather handsome, adult Kelp Gulls. In addition there was also a Greater Yellowlegs plodding around, which most obligingly was 'calling' mosy of the time. So, a prediction, I shouldn't have any problem finding one at Lodmoor (whoops, sorry Daragh I meant Radipole) when I get home. To end the day I sat on the sea-front, among the plastic of all descriptions blowing about, watching the sun set below the Pacific Ocean - bet that warms you up a bit, doesn't it?

Lists Update


Trip Ticks - 797 (rapidly approaching the 800)

World Lifers - 524

Endemics - 57

Kelp Gull (adult)

Ditto, with some surprising size variation even in the small flock here.


Kelp Gull none breeding adult?

Greater Yellowlegs