Saturday, 28 January 2012

All Western On The Quiet Front

They just keep on coming, as today we are able to welcome our 163rd country/region to the readership, the 3 islands that make up the Cayman Islands part of the Greater Antilles Group.

The nearest I have personally travelled to the islands is Cuba, and in traditional fashion we extend a warm welcome, hope you enjoy the read and please spread the word throughout the Islands. WELCOME!

Weymouth Bay, Beach and Seafront this morning.

Considering it's January the weather in general has been very good with only an occasional frost, some rain and on the whole mild. This continued today with what may turn out to be the best day of the month, bright sunshine, cloudless sky, decent temperature and next to no wind unless you were stood at the tip of the Bill.

However, on the deficit side there was very little to report from around the bazaars. The cemetery remained very quiet, while at Radipole these distant Common Snipe where in company with 8 Black-tailed Godwit even further away.

Even this Little Grebe did a

disappearing act at my approach and so it was the bus to Portland.

There too things were quiet with this impromptu shot from the bus

of a flier who must have just taken off from New Road. I did meet Dave & Ricky Lambert at the Observatory who had seen some Purple Sandpipers but apart from that it was left to the sea to produce any other excitement. Off-shore various seabirds were passing by in their thousands, consisting mainly of Gulls, Auks (Guillemot & Razorbill) plus a good number of Gannets.

The Army, seemingly erecting a temporary wireless station, were of some interest but after a coffee at the Bird Observatory, where redecorating is in full swing, I made for home.

If the 200 species for January are to be achieved, the equation is 8 species in 4 days! With a small trump card up the sleeve and maybe an 'Ace', plus a 'never say die attitude, here's hoping for a little more to report tomorrow!

This early post today will allow me to maximise the time that is left.