Saturday, 29 August 2009

"I know it's only Rock 'n' Roll but I like it, like it, yes I do!"

The single best thing I did today, was to resurrect 'New Adventures in Hi-Fi', far too long gathering House Spider droppings in the CD cupboard. It had been a while since I last enjoyed the sheer brilliance of Messrs Mills, Buck, Berry and Stipe and checking MS Strong's the 'Great Rock Discography', found that not only are REM his favourite band, but formed as long ago as 1980. If a man is ever stuck for a word or two to grace a Valentine's card, look no further than the lyric of Be Mine. This in turned generated a little nostalgia about my own, 'limited', Rock & Roll career, singing occasionally in the late sixties with the Londonderry band Blues Etc. Then, as those of you who were at my 60'th birthday party will remember, my blistering renditions of 'Nothing Else Matters' and 'Paranoid', as a consequence of which I still receive threatening letters from Metallica and a certain Mr O Osbourne. However, few of you will know my connection, as founder member and vocalist, with the seminal Metal outfit Iron Workz, except for my daughters who remember well the 'royalties'. Having not performed together for a number of years we were approached to do a 'farewell gig' at the de Montfort Hall, Leicester which was videoed for posterity. While no one deserves to sit through the whole 'set', the finale is memorable for the way we all left the stage with dignity and gently eased into civilian life, so this short excerpt is published for your felicitation. Enjoy!

The Only 'Tick' Today

With the number of intermedius Lesser Black-backed Gulls visiting Portland and surrounds an early start was thought a sure way of adding a photograph of this final Sub species to the archive. Despite the 06-00 bus and a brisk walk to the Bill Common, none were to be found. However, there were a few migrants to brighten the morning, during the walk the following were recorded:- 14 Yellow Wagtail, 41 Wheatear, 19 Swallows, 3 Tree Pipits plus single Whitethroat, Dunlin and Merlin. Add to that a Common Darter and a newly fledged Wren, complete with a fully fed 'tick' (pictured) not a bad couple of hours.

Juvenile Wren (with the only 'tick' of the day)

Common Darter