Thursday, 17 September 2009

Grockles & Digi-Scoping

An excellent start to Ille's holiday starting with some much needed rest after more than enough 12+ hour shifts with her UNICEF job in Tallinn. Bacon and Egg, almost unheard of in this house, was the next order of the day before we left for a mini trip around this neck of the woods. Whitcombe church with its fine 13th century wall paintings was the first port of call, before driving on to Morton. There we marveled at the Laurence Whistler windows, before walking the ford and looking at the TE Lawrence grave. A short midday break at the Halfway Inn, was followed by a wander along the Studland Penninsular before returning home via the Sandbanks Ferry and Poole. I think we may try a little further inland tomorrow.

Black-faced Solitaire (known as the Garden Gate bird, because of it squeeky song) - Monte Verde, Costa Rica

Bare-shinned Screech Owl - Monte Verde, Costa Rica

These photographs, along with 2 others that should be posted tomorrow, mark the moment I took my first digi-scopped shots, what a place to take them. They led to yet another mania where I now seem to go nowhere without the trusty Canon.