Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bird of Prey - Uriah Heep

My 'favourite' painting ever, since you were curious
The Boat (aka Virgin with Corona) Odilon Redon
Bet that brings back a fond memory Tess?
If you are not familiar with Bertrand-Jean Redon's genius try
Just before dark last night and in poor light conditions, this huge beast dropped out of the sky before me and took up station on the carcass of a dead Kangaroo.
The Wedge-tailed Eagle is the continents largest 'Bird of Prey'
and while this one did 'flush' at my presence it heralded a day of 'Raptors'.

These Desert/Outback roads are strewn with carrion so no wonder these bird are attracted
Today the Little Eagle was most numerous
but closely followed by Australian Kestrel

which numbered over a dozen.
However, high on my list of personal favourites comes the dainty
Black-shouldered Kite
Notice on these shots how the eye-patch appears and disappears.
Both eyes were equally dark
but the trick of the light would make it difficult to separate this

from its close cousin the Letter-winged Kite (I tried).
The day ended, as did yesterday, on a high note again with Wedge-tailed Eagle this time 2 in flight and not too far away. Must get off and find a lay-by. Good Night!