Monday, 31 August 2009

Rare Goby & More Waders

Ferry Bridge took a bit of a tumble as far as numbers were concerned today, all except Turnstone which reached a month maximum of 32. Apart from a few Gulls the only other evidence of life were 77 Ringed Plover, 22 Dunlin and a single Sanderling. Thinking that was bad enough the walk from Barleycrates to the Obelisk and onward to the Portland Bird Observatory (PBO) produced exactly 2 Wheatear and 3 Swallows, maybe I need to wake up? Disappointment struck there also as I had just missed the 3rd Melodious Warbler of the year, so things could only get better! There was a slight (or maybe a major in some people's book) upturn when I introduced Ian Dodd (now more or less 'in house' ringer at the Obs) to Don Moxom at the Fleet Visitor's Center. Not only was I reacquainted with a local stalker, who had provided both Roe and Sika venison for the Moxom's recent party, but Don also informed us that Couch's Goby Gobius couchii had been rediscovered in the Fleet after many years without a sighting. In addition it was good to see both Edwin Welland and Alan Bull again, both paying a week-end visit to Portland.

Small Pratincole - Bundala NP, Hambantota, Sri Lanka

Water Dikkop - Hlane NNR, Swaziland

Bush Thick-knee - Kakadu NP, Northern Territory, Australia

Great Thick-knee - Wilpattu NP, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka