Saturday, 6 April 2013

Dreadlock Holiday - 10cc

I was walkin' on down the street, 
concentratin' on truckin' right.
I heard a dark voice beside of me, 

and I looked round in a state of fright
I saw four faces one mad
A brother from the gutter
They looked me up and down a bit
And turned to each other
An 'endemic' to start today's birding,
in the hotel garden as seen on the last visit here.
I say
Don't like Jamaica oh no
I love her
Don't like Jamaica oh no
I love her oh yea
Don't you walk thru' her words
You got to show some respect
Don't you walk thru' her words
'Cause you ain't heard her out yet.
An 06:00 start for the Botanical Gardens this morning,
with no 'heroics' today. instead a taxi.
female AMERICAN REDSTART greeted me at the gate.
Rather liked the colourful look of this NURSERY across the road.
There is an entrance driveway to the Garden,
where cars have to pay, while those on foot are given
Free Pratique!
The YELLOW-BILLED PARROTs were still there
striking all manner of poses
as were a good number of
but now the serious search would begin.
Screeching Parrots/keets could be heard from all directions,
so plenty to keep me busy!
A good number of 
CATTLE EGRET, all in 'breeding plumes',
and the first of what turned out to be
a good number of
The Lady at the gate had suggest trying The Lake area for
Black-billed Parrot,
but what was found on arrival was most disappointing.
The whole thing had been drained and dug out for refurbishment,
leaving just a single immature (white) 
in residence.
Still cannot get my head around this one,
Given the heat and humidity here it is very surprising to find NO, or very few, annoyingly invasive Insects but there is a wealth of the other kind.
and Yes, I hear the sighs and the "oh no, not agains"
but prey tell, how do you resist something so beautifully marked,
agile and tiny?

(Part ???? 'please enter your own figure')

The 'Other Things' noted late yesterday were now starting to show up.

and at the 'lowest altitude' yet recorded

I hurried back to the swimming pool
Sinkin' Pena Calarda
I heard a dark voice beside me say
Would you like something harder
She said I've got it you want it
My harvest is the best
And if you try it you'll like it
And whollow in a Dreadlock Holiday.
I say
I don't like cricket oh no
I love it
I don't like cricket no no
I love it
Don't you walk thru' my words
You got to show some respect
Don't you walk thru' my words
'Cause you ain't heard me out yet.
and at a Great Height
but even higher
Eventually, the second 'Lake' was found
and while I shouldn't have been disappointed
the vegetation had completely taken over leaving
little visible of the watercourse.
On the 'Up Side' there were some beautiful
(Pictures of Lily - The Who "made my life so wonderful")
plus other wildlife around the perimeter.
Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar.
You're gonna go far, you're gonna fly high,
You're never gonna die, you're gonna make it if you try;they're gonna love you.
Well I've always had a deep respect, and I mean that most sincerely.
The band is just fantastic, that is really what I think.
Oh by the way, which one's Pink?
"Have A Cigar - Pink Floyd"
'Tree Roosting' MOORHEN (haven't seen that since
Bosham, Hants 1998).
and a family of COMMON MOORHEN

Closest encounter yet with
Given the red 'tint' on breast and belly,
incomplete Yellow Bill plus confiding nature
considered a juvenile.
A bit of 'Hunting Action' from
The Return of
oh yes, and
and FLOWERS - Yes, even I've had enough!
By 11:00 the heat was oppressive and although the plan had been to walk back to the hotel, the idea of 40 minutes in 90°F wasn't an option. The 'collectivos' here are in the main beat-up Japanese cars which like everywhere else in the Caribbean there is only one speed, when not stopped, and is just US$1 for just about any destination within the city limit.
 There was in fact a short walk back to Old Hope Road 
where singing from the bushes there was a final 'endemic'
  WHITE-CHINNED THRUSH (also seen on the last visit)
 Well he looked down at my silver chain
He said I'll give you one dollar
I said you've got to be jokin' man
It was a present from me mother
He said I like it I want it
I'll take it off your hands
And you'll be sorry you crossed me
You'd better understand that you're alone
A long way from home.
And I say
I don't like reggae no no
I love it
I don't like reggae
I love it
Don't you cramp me style
Don't you queer me pitch
Don't you walk thru' my words
'Cause you ain't heard me out yet.