Friday, 30 October 2009

Good-bye Estonia (For Now)

It has been a fantastic 10 days, but tomorrow I'm up at 04-00 for a 5 'o' clock taxi ride to the airport. I've suggested a large coffee and no breakfast so I may just get away with the 'half dozen' with soldiers and get a bit of snap on the kite. 06-15 from Tallinn gets me to Helsinki at 06-50, the 08-00 should arrive Heathrow 09-10 and all being well I should get the 10-00 National Express and arrive Weymouth 14-50. This will be just in time for a lamb shoulder at JD Weatherspoon's before returning to the hacienda.  

We have spent our last, sunny, day wandering the streets and alleyways of the olde town and spent more than a little time in Josephine's, the sister cafe to Chocolate de Pierre. Under duel ownership the fare is similar, but we stuck to hot chocolate, which i have waxed lyrical about before, but could not resist the temptation of a shared 'Porter' cube of rich chocolate cake - yum, yum. Then I remembered Andy Lindsay's bizarre idea of complimenting such delicacies with a drop of decent whiskey, and pain me as it does, i have to agree with him. Two large Tullamore Dews did the trick, and if this isn't the way to spend a Friday afternoon, prey enlighten me! After, we had to rendezvous with Herkko who had both checked me in and printed my boarding cards. Whoever came up with this idea deserves a kiss, as I used to benefit tremendously in my rig days, but now travelling is so much more important, it's an absolute boon.

So, looks like an early night, OK dear I'm on my way! Talk again Manana!

From your 'egg-bound' correspondent in Eastern Europe - Head Ööd