Friday, 25 September 2009

Something to Keep Your Eye On

After an extremely hearty, eat as much as you will, breakfast, we again walked west along the South Bank to suss out the London Eye. The predicted waiting time from ticket office to 'flying' was 30 minutes so most certainly worth the wait. What was totally unexpected was the pre-flight 3D video which had not been there on my previous visit, and on our approach we very nearly opted to give it a miss. Thank heavens we didn't! What a show, a Herring Gulls eye view of a flight over the Capital with all aspects 'right in your face'. At times it made you jump, sometimes loose your breath and all the time watch in awe. No more to be said, except for £17.50 (£11.00 for us wrinklies) it is a Not To Be Missed experience. In fact it took 50 minutes to climb aboard, 60 minutes for the flight of which we enjoyed every second. On our way to cross Waterloo Bridge we stopped to watch some of the numerous street entertainers, most top of their game. First prize however went to the young man with a life size rag doll puppet of a tango dancer, with her toe caps secured to his. In this fashion they danced as one, and what a performance. It's my favourite view in London from this bridge so we tarried a while before visiting the Courtauld Gallery. This coincided with London Fashion Week also utilising Somerset House, but leaving the throng the gallery was almost ours alone. We could have stayed all day, but time presses so we quickly viewed some of the 'Old Masters' before quickly moving on to the Impressionists and Modernists. There in all her glory stood the girl behind the Bar at the Follies Bergere by Edouard Manet, which I think I have waxed lyrical about in a previous post. Unfortunately, Van Gogh's 'Peach Blossom in the Crua' was away for rehanging so we were unable to see it, but a great visit for all that. Next was Covent Garden, and while Ille set about shopping for pressies for those at home, I helped by keeping well out of the way with a pint of Magners. Buck House was next and yes Liz was in residence but didn't come to the curtain, so missed us. On we walked to Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall and finally back to Trafalgar Square. So impressed had Ille been with The Sherlock Holmes that we once again ate there, and ended our day with a one hour stroll back to the hotel.

Knobheed and his Girl overlooking St Paul's and the Financial District

Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament, from the London Eye

Eye, Eye it's them 2 again

2 of my favourite girls in one shot

You want to watch them Squadies Mi Duck