Monday, 2 September 2013

They Think It's All Over

Another day of computer trauma but, with a struggle, we still seem to be getting a Post away. Nothing outstanding morning and early afternoon, as the latest Moth photos lay in abeyance, but at 15:30 a bunch of us set off for the beautiful City of bath and the
 what they term a Pre-Season Friendly?
 There seemed to be a shortage of what you might describe as
'friendliness' on the field, more a sense of competitive team
spirit and a determination, by both teams, to win!
 The crowd was gathering,
 but not on the right hand side of the pitch as the 
Local Council will not grant 'planning permission' for
permanent seating, so temporary ones are provided.
 We took our places in one of the well appointed 
Hospitality Boxes
 as both teams took to the field.
 Both Beef and Chicken curry were soon served and with a 
well stocked fridge
 we all enjoyed a light dinner before the match.

 With the stand full
 the game commenced with Bath in the 'hoops' and Ospreys
in white.
 The first 'line out' was quickly followed by
 the first 'scrum' then even quicker
 3 Points apiece.
who drove 4 of us there and back, Thanks Ali!
 A 'try' for the Ospreys
 but still the score stayed fairly level at 'half time'
 and Charity Cheques were presented.
 Bath, scoring another 'try'
 soon pulled back into the lead as the game resumed,
 but still all to play for save an injury or two.
 Bath were soon punting another between the posts
 but still determined in their efforts to score more.
 The determination soon paid off with yet another
 'try' which was also 'converted'.
 At the final whistle the score showed as above
and after a couple more beers we made our ways home.
This had been Hugh's way of saying 'Thank You' to his staff
for their efforts over the year, and I felt honoured to have been
a part of it.
Thanks go to Hugh and all the company I so much enjoyed!