Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Maggies Farm - Bob Dylan

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'dark phase' Long-tailed Skua!

It's always a great treat to visit Parley Court Manor & Farm and even though rain was falling for part of the day, the temptation for a wander around was irresistible. Apart from an abundance of birds, and other wildlife, there is much to see here and always something new,

and perched on the banks of the River Stour is a huge bonus with Kingfishers flitting back and forth, Grey Heron feeding in the shallows and both Great Spotted & Green Woodpecker calling from nearby trees.

The latest innovation, of many dozens I have witness since my visits to the Dampneys started some years ago, is the Comfey Bed (animal bedding) project which stemmed from someones brainchild at their Recycling Centre. Instead of sending all scrap wood to the chipping mill and onward to Sweden for 'power generation', it is now separated on site and the 'clean' used in this process. While I know precious little (aka NOTHING) about machinery, there is always a great fascination watching it work not least in the Baling Plant.

Between bouts of topping up the hopper that feeds the conveyor to the bagging section, this multi-function fork lift loads

this lorry shortly to leave for Bristol.

Horses also play an important part in the Parley Business Ethic, with a most successful Equestrian Centre, a whole host of other equine activities

and this excellent range of Stable Blocks.

By late afternoon the rain had set in with little else to do but await an early dinner.

It is usual on such occasions for son Daryl to take care of 'starters', but this evening Hugh took charge of the Moules Marinière complimented by Janet's 'home made bread' and a 2008 Muscadet Sèvre et Maine. While Cath and I were happy to rest on our laurels it was Janet again who came up trumps with a delicious Steak & Mushroom Pie followed by Raspberry Pavlova and not to forget a bottle or twa of 2001 Beaumes-de-Venis, Cotes-du-Rhone Villages.

There was a slight downturn to the evening, manifesting itself in a degree of envy as Daryl showed me his latest acquisition - say no more!