Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Three Photos at Random from the Archive

Those of you who know Sheila Edwards will also know that when I say I got a Right Royal Rollicking that is just what I got. Wanting her and Bowie (Lorne) to meet Ille we invited them round for a pre-dinner drink this evening, which is when she launched straight into me. What about the Greyhound then, was her opening gambit, we are all waiting with baited breath to find out if 'Bomber' still has his ears. Philistine I've been and Philistine I stay, so sorry Paul and all others but I completely forgot the report last night, so here goes! Mine Host (John) is a true country gentleman and perfect 'front of house'. Another splendid welcome, particularly as we had designated the meal a present for Joy's upcoming 70th birthday as well as Ille's introduction to a true English pub. I had the pigeon starter while the others shared a Palma ham and beef platter, Ille and I had the rack of lamb, Joy the pigeon as a main and Roy chicken breast stuffed with lobster (yes lobster,) what a novel idea? A most passable Pinotage, and with no room for sweet, coffee. It was all exquisite. The landlord remembers Paul and Annie and we feel sure there will be a 'freebie' the next time you go. Thanks for the recommend mate, it could not have been better.

As for today, it was virtually birdless but the walk through Barleycrates (3 Whinchat, 1 Stonechat, 2 Raven) was as usual therapeutic. It wasn't until we got to the barns that a few Swallows started to appear, with a distant Common Buzzard on a gate post. We walked back via the main road and Top Fields and stopped off at Fortuneswell to visit Country Furniture where Ille bought 5 old keys and a one handles warm milk jug, I've never seen anyone so excited over junk, but then she is an artist and will see much more potential than I. The best part of that visit was her bargaining power, I don't think Chiefy in the shop quite knew what had hit him. The intent was to walk the fore-shore at Ferrybridge, but with the roadworks our progress was so slow going past that we could see very well there was little of interest. After entertaining Bowie and Sheila we ate Turbot caught on our Shambles fishing trip with Andy and Glen, prepare for our trip to London tomorrow while watching (yet again) some of the George Harrison Tribute Concert. Another cracking day, so hopefully will talk to you tomorrow from the Travel Lodge, South Bank.

The first photo file I pulled up this evening was 2006 Morocco, so here are just 3 photos from that trip, hope you enjoy them.

Mousiers Redstart

House Bunting

Black Wheatear