Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Rainy Days & Mondays - The Carpenters

Today's headline would be a great description of yesterday as we entered the second day of the Rock Festival, so without further ado here are the photies!

The festivities kicked off with a fine set from The Surfin' Birds as they took us through an array of old rockers such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley and Eddie Cochrane,

as the crowd started to gather.

Just enough time for me to nip across the road to The Swan for a bite of lunch and to enjoy a pint with Harpist (Harmonica) extraordinaire Nick Gover, who was coincidentally a college mate of Martin Cade now Warden of the Portland Bird Observatory.

Next up with their own brand of Blue Grass, Hillbilly etc where the most enjoyable Mad Ox Bros, but that's when

the rain came down, the umbrellas went up and the crowd diminished somewhat, but not for long.

A show such as this would have no chance at all were it not for the tireless efforts of the likes of Stage Manager Steve Wooldridge,

Presenter Alex Fuhrmann, the son, I only learnt yesterday, of exquisite rock guitarist German Eddie and of course

working hand in glove Kieth Treggiden General Manager of Weymouth's Number One night spot The Rendezvous (sponsors of the gig) and irrepressible Producer of the whole thing Danny (The Immigrant Song) Adams.

There were lots of youngsters in the crowd, and it's good to know that there is a budding replacement for me, but not just yet thank you.

THE 'HIGHLIGHT' of the whole day for me were this quartet of some of the most accomplished musician and song writers it has ever been my pleasure to encounter. Playing under the banner of The Darlingtons, they are (from l to r) guitar and backing vocals Dan Young, drummer Chris Holmes, guitar & vox Kiran Roy plus extraordinary bass player Alex Bispham. Personally, I hope it isn't too long before these fine fellas venture down from Taunton again to thrill us with their own brand of extremely exciting Rock 'n' Roll. Before departing I did predict to them that they would be the next 'Muse' - Watch This Space!

The brilliance of Alex Bispham, I only wish these 'stills' could show the body language and stage presence.

Now we're in for it, as The Stompin' Goats took to the stage, bringing with them a great slant on Reggae cum Punk,

while others had their own idea of how to 'get it on'!

I did rather like The Goat's Bass Guitar.

Jon Storey and I get another chance to get our heads together,

while Danny appears to be hitting it off with Senab vocalist with the band Embassy.

Thomas and the Mock-Ups launched into the next set with a vigour while my

good friends, fellow muso's and world travellers Graeme and Lisa Merry enjoy a pint and a cuddle. Great to see you again guys!

By now the pace was quickening, or more likely I was 'slowing' and didn't get the name of this outfit, but nonetheless the crowd were enjoying it and included

another good friend Choreographer and Dance Supremo Julie Storey,

and this Bunch of Visitors who seemed to be taking enjoying themselves to another level.

The last band I saw were The Mum Jums which was probably due to the fine work

of volunteers Rosie & her Crew keeping my glass topped up and the nibbles coming all afternoon and evening.

I don't know if Paramedic Adrian Baker was waiting for me, but I opted for the taxi.

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank EVERYONE connected with this wonderful weekend, Organisers, Artistes, Volunteers and the Crowd who were only Hell Bent on having a Good Time. Thanks also for the All Areas Pass and looking forward to 2012. XXX

With time now getting short and my backpack yet to be topped up, it's quickly onto today's finding which were, as in recent days, a little sparse.

The Top Fields seemed to be alive with young Blue and Great Tits

while a pair of Swallows seem to have taken up residence in on of the horse stalls.

At the Observatory there was little news except for a trickle of Manx Shearwaters, Guillemots, Razorbills and Gannets, with this male

Common Whitethroat being plucked out of one of the mist nets.

The House Martins are still doing well up by The Barns,

and while calling in to say goodbye to The Secret Lemonade Drinker (Gary White) he found this young Blackbird in his garden.

The day ended with one hell of a bang as right out of the blue, and at least 15 years since I last saw them my Best Man and Long Time Shipmate Graham Colson & his wife Lucy suddenly turned up on my doorstep. Any other day we would have done dinner, but with the impending trip we simply enjoyed an hour together, with plans to meet again on my return. - Looking forward to that already!

Monday, 30 May 2011

I Can Show You, I Can Show You, Some of the People in My Life - Genesis

Don't tread on snails, don't climb in trees
Love Cliff Richard but 'Please Don't Tease'
'Cus it's never too late to change your mind
God gave Rock 'n' Roll to you, he gave Rock 'n' Roll to you
Put it in the soul of everyone!

The proceedings were started by young, up and coming muso's The Resistance with some memorable Flying V tickling.

Sound check for 'Freezer'.

The best performance ever from Pete Smith, Dave Phillips, Chris Whiteside and Paul Sundt collectively known as Freezer. Paul, who has recently completed his studies at the Guitar Academy, now commands a much fuller, vibrant sound, PS it's just coming up 5 years since you played at my 60th birthday - where did that go?

Music Producer Danny Adams and the 'Man in Black' (aka Johnny Cash)

Well done Jim (Fegan) for keeping us topped up with beer and crisps!

The Beautiful People, the Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson

Young Girl (get out of my life) -Gary Puckett & the Union Gap

The personnel noted below plus Producer Danny Adams (right).

Chris Whiteside drums, Jon Storey, lead guitar an incredibly Good Looking Dude air guitar and Peter Smith rhythm guitar, Rock 'n' Roll Animals all.

The Shakespearos Punk & Metal at its best.

TV actor and stuntman Dean Martin, guitarist Jon Storey, Sally Marsden Jon's partner, Jade Pearce Sally's daughter and Vinny the Chips missus Lou Johnson (blond at the back).

The Band of Gypsies - Jimi Hendrix

Resting Axe

Sound check before

Jon Storey embarks on a solo tribute to

legendary 'axe-man' Gary Moore. I've known Jon for over 30 years

and never has it been my pleasure to hear him play so well! Just what a Gibson Les Paul is crafted to do.

Mr Music Peter Smith, Jon Storey, guitarist Fraser Clubb and Fraser's Dad.

The Crowd Gather

Jude Perry landlady of Weymouth's best music pub Finn's and my mate!

Tom Hughes celebrated keyboard player with Gothic Chicken and later in this post with The Amy Mayes Band.


from Twickenham, London Four Wheel Drive - WOW!

The other half of my 'Mutual Appreciation Society' Ian Jenkins & partner Rey

The Amy Mayes Band brought proceedings to an end, and it was my plan to give 'Day Two' a miss. However, the excitement this day produced will be well worth a second go today. That's if the rain stops.