Saturday, 18 June 2011

Vancouver 0 - Boston 4

Well, it would seem that everything has moved north, earlier than when we were here in 2007, so I am going to followed them in the hope of more variety. Another overnight Greyhound should see me in Prince George in the morning looking for Internet Access and BIRDS!

As we left Vancouver there were 4 helicopters and a 'fixed wing' in the are monitoring the crowd leaving the Canucks v Boston Ice Hockey Cup Final. Transpires the 'home team' got walloped and the Carnival atmosphere of the afternoon had turned into a full scale RIOT. Cars were set on fire, windows smashed etc and all in the name of WHAT???? My beautiful memories of Vancouver and the beautiful people there has been TARNISHED, probably beyond repair. To the perpetrators I simply say you shame your home town,and who would want to visit such a stupidly volatile place? Think On - the majority are not with you!

Red-eared Slider Turtle

American Crow cooling down.

Red Starfish - Glaucous-winged Gull's Groceries.

Bald Eagle

"Lookout Smithers, bandits at angels 12"!

Small Beam Trawler heads seaward.

Ken Kesey author of 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' had a similar Magic Bus in the late 60's and 70's which along with his Band of Gypsies who went under the heading of 'The Merry Pranksters' were a headline feature of the Hippie / Drug culture in those days. It was good to see these youngsters getting out and about in a similar vehicle.

Kesey's Bus prior to the highly controversial 'Acid Test' Graduation.

Slightly better photographs of Wrentit.

I just liked the idea of that seed finding the ideal place to germinate and begin to grow.

After seeing just one Raccoon up until now,

today there were a further 7 scavenging and bathing.

Canada Goose gosling.

Mute Swan, newly arrived from Abbotsbury.

While this bird was extremely difficult to see, let alone photograph, it looked every bit like a Veery to me?

Did I take a shot of a Mallard Duckling?

Quiet liked the look of this Feral Pigeon, and I know Daragh will!

Eyed-hawk Moth

now showing its 'eyes'.

The best shot so far of a male Red-winged Blackbird, and

ditto for the female.

Water Lilies.

and much improvement on the last image of Rufous-sided Towhee.

With the addition today of Bald Eagle, Mute Swan, Violet-Green Swallow, Red-breasted Nuthatch and Veery the totals read:-

Trip Total - 94 World Lifers - 10

and finally, regular readers may remember my encounter with Lawyer, Leslie Ivan Conklin on the bus from San Felipe to Mexicali and his very welcome help. On that day Leslie told me of this extraordinary creature and as he promised he has now sent me (us) photographs of, unfortunately, a dead specimen. Leslie went on to tell me that to his knowledge this Dolphin has never been photographed or filmed 'alive', so these are most interesting images at the very least, but let the man himself explain:-

The Vaquita Marina (Phocoena sinus) is a species of cetacean odontoceto of the family Phocoenidae, one of six species of porpoise.

There exists the cetacean endemic one of Mexican waters in the region of the Sea of Cortes in the reservation of the Biosphere of the High Gulf of California. The Vaquita Marina is one of the cetacean smallest of the world. This way, in no other site of the this surprising animal world of 150 cm and weighing even 50 kg.

A characteristic in this species is the excellent appearance of the lips. The top part of the body is dark gray, the low part is of almost white or light gray. The fins are proportionally bigger than in other porpoises. This enigmatic species is very shy, and does not jump as the dolphins in the surface of the sea, but simply it emerges some seconds to take air. Added to it, the fishing with networks of "enmalle" have caused that the vaquita marinades be closely together of the extinction. To see a mythical species of the marine vaquita is almost impossible.

Leslie Ivan Conklin Duarte

Leslie examining the hapless creature.


Thanks again Leslie.