Friday, 11 December 2009

Going Crackers in Caracas

It's going to be a very short post tonight as all I've done is travel. Up at 05-00 and Steve and Gina from Birdseekers set me off with a good breakfast and a transfer to the airport. Effectively the end of th first part of the adventure, I was on the 08-30 flight bound for Caracas capital of Venezuela, but as it approached the runway the Captain announced an indicator light fault. We returned to the stand where the Engineer arrived in super quick time and we were back on course an hour later. A little late, I was concerned that all would not go to plan as David Ascanio, my guide for the next week, would not drive in the dark. Met on arrival by David's right hand man Mario and driver Daniel, we rendesvoued with my host on the outskirts of the sprawling capital. Traffic was heavy and there were a number of delays as we tried to progress, but I was assured we would make our destination, albeit under the cover of dark. It was close on 500Km to the small city of Coro, where we arrived at 20-30 and met by Roberto owner of a smashing little lodge in the centre of town. On the way we stopped for petrol twice, highlighting the price of 'bunkers' hereabouts. David filled with 22.5 litres for which he paid the princely sum of 50 CENTS US (about 33p). So, it's a full day birding tomorrow so best I get something to eat and a bit of head down. Hope to speak again tomorrow. Good night for now.