Friday, 6 April 2012

Life In The Jungle - Walter Trout

Apologies for no post yesterday, have just noticed the omission myself. Was a bit out in the wilds but got Internet access at about 12:30 GMT and posted. So, don't know what happened there!

Another day at a steady pace, starting with a Jeepney to higher altitude. Again there was much to be heard but little on view except for another Philippine Falconet

a little beauty I doubt will loose its charm very quickly.

Lots of faculties on site and lots of walking, but at long last another bird

and another 'Lifer'.


A single COLASISI put in a show and allowed a little colour in this shot, so a slight improvement on yesterday, before reaching what is effectively the start of

but that would have to wait for another day, it was all 'down hill' for me today!

To find a tree with little foliage around here is rare, to find one with birds that you can see is even rarer, but here was this tiny one just waiting to be identified.

Not a lot of Woodpeckers in this particular area and certainly none so tiny, so it was fairly comfortable to identify this pair of


The trees here are something to marvel, especially these


but can you believe some fool could scar them for life?

A cracking Butterfly was followed by

and an equally welcome OLIVE-BACKED SUNBIRD which I had seen before elsewhere in Asia.

Some idea of the Forest Trails before spotting this featureless


but then came the last bird of the day, and another 'Lifer'
also (E)

A short sound recording of Cicadas.