Friday, 2 April 2010

Home Again, Home Again Jigety Jig!

The family Dampney, High, Darryl, Janet and Darryl's partner Kath

After last evenings culinary delight we were ready for a lie in. Hugh had taken the challenge of Master Chef and satisfied us all with individual Courgette Custards with Pimiento Sauce and a flinty Argentinian Savignon. Next came French sourced Confit of Duck (Petite Canard), Spinach, Butter Beans and sieved Parsnip in a Red Wine and Orange Jus (whoops that word again!) with a Lebanese Musar wine. Diverting from Hugh to Darryl who concocted the duff by way of a Vanilla Panacotta in Blueberry Sauce and a Brown Brothers Mucadet pudding wine.

Ille, Hugh, Janet and Me just before leaving

Ille experience her first English sunshine of the trip yesterday, but it was short lived as the heavens were emptying themselves this morning. The plan had ben to re-visit the watercress beds around the Waddock Cross area again and then continue on to Portland, but in both events it was simply too wet.

However, there were 2 glimmers of light in an otherwise dark day. Overlooked texts were finally read when we got home to say there was a Whooper Swan at Lodmoor, not only an addition to the 'year list' but the first I have ever seen in March plus a first for Lodmoor where it seemed to be happily settled.

This evening we were dinner guests of Bowie and Sheila who after a bit of a boozy start put on a lovely turkey dish with rice followed by a filo pastry strudel and cream. Having been driving for the past 4 days,the sudden bolt of alcohol soon found the weak points, so Ille and I baled out about 22-30 with a huge thanks to mine host.

Sheila just starting a 'throat lock' on Bagsy to try and stop him singing - big try!

and a little girly bonding, Ille making yet another Big Hit!