Friday, 21 August 2009

After the Ordeal

Andy and Glen headed back to Derby this morning, but not before visiting Weyfish to purchase even more fish to take home with them. We made our goodbyes about midday, and they asked me to send their 'best wishes' to all of you out there who have met them. I was left with the mundane task of clearing up behind them, which was mammoth but well worth it to see those 2 reprobates again. At the time of writing I'm still wading through the cleaning so will draw today's post to a close with a little video footage taken on Buchan Alpha some years ago. It will scotch any ideas that Black-headed Gulls are gentle little fellas content picking up odd scraps of food from the sea.

Gulls of the World (Part 7) Out of Africa

Cape Gull on nest - Strandfontein, South Africa.

Cape Gull's nest - Strandfontein, South Africa.

Hartlaub's Gull Simon's Town, South Africa.