Friday, 18 September 2009

Mid-Dorset to Mid-Americas

Ille @ Milton Abbas
Ille @ the Cerne Giant

'Call the Hands' was a little late this morning, like 11-00 a little late, but after a hearty breakfast we were off for Dorset Tour 2. It was worth dropping in at Poundbury just to show our foreign visitor just what sort of an architectural abortion we can make in a considered civilised country, but quickly onward. We booked a table at the Greyhound, Sydling St Nicholas for Monday evening (as recommended by Mr Harris) and would say if the victuals are anything like the reception we received then we're in for some dinkum tucker! The Giant was still at Cerne Abbas, and yes he still had that huge club, plus that big stick in his hand. This was much enjoyed by Ille as I had sent her a post card of the old fella some weeks ago. Same can be said of Milton Abbas, which we found as pristine as ever. I can never understand why the rest of Dorset cannot be littler and dog s***e free like this idilic little village. We popped into see Thomas (the Bard) Cottage on the way home, where we arrived at about 17-00. Time enough to get ready to visit Nigel, Julie and Lee (my eldest daughter, my son outlaw & grandson) for dinner. Yum, Yum must run now!

Here too are the remaining photos from yesterday, at our first 'digi-scoping'session, cracking birds.

Resplendant Quetzel - Monte Verde, Costa Rica

Purple-throated Mountain Gem - Ditto