Friday, 19 February 2010

Send in the Clowns? - It's OK They're Here!

Today was the day of the Clowns, and what a bunch of fun, but first of all I had to get to the Theatre. Now, to say the road system in La Plata is complicated would be a massive understatement! 49% of the roads run North / South, 49% lead East / West and there are a couple of diagonals right through the center of the city. Each road is numbered consecutively and no two roads have the same number, see what I mean? So, with all this to contend with, where did I end up - yes LOST! It certainly helps if you have a street map, which I have and having been a professional navigator for the best part of my working life is also an asset - so how do I do it Stanley?

Eventually I found it and now I know how Tom Cruise feels at a 'premier'. I formed a queue of one, collected my ticket, which the Clowns has pre-booked for me, clearly marked 'Invitacion Especial' and sat there waiting for the Bolly corks to start popping, but it wasn't that sort of gig. Anyroad, at 10-00 on the dot the doors were opened, and to be fair the place was packed. There were even ome people I recognised from the same hotel, so I joined them for a bit of banter only to find their tickets were marked similarly and had paid the same price - NADA!

Without being patronising the show was excellent and even though there was a fair bit of dialogue, things were so funny you didn't have to be Spanish.The company performing 'Trio Tiri Tiri' employed simple tactics with little in the way of costume, props etc and no make-up at all except a prosthetic nose each Working with taped music and sounds, their timing was immaculate, and each had the natural abilities of any Clown. They are part of a wider group from all parts of the country competing for what we might call 'The Troupe of the Year' award, and I believe the others will have to be exceptional to come anywhere near these 4 very talented lads.

At the end of the show, every one, Clowns, Audience and other Troupes, gathered in the foyer and the atmosphere was amassing, there were a few photos before we spilled onto the pavement and went our seperate ways. How many there are in total involved in the competition I don't know, but I must have met at least 20 and can say there is one thing they allhave in common, even in 'mufty' they look like Clowns.


I knew where it was all the time!

As soon as I saw the word 'infantil' I knew it was the right place.

Trio Tiri Tiri make their entrance

and immediately take a rest.

Javier makes a break for a solo career.

I can tell you Zeppelin are getting nervous.

Taking a 'Standing Ovation'.

The 'birds' impresion was done in my honour - thanks lads.

Some of the Clowns in the audience today. Is that James Stockley left and Sooty in the middle?

Now, that's all the Clowns.

and strange to relate, the last time I had anyone touch my 'golden locks' was during my last trip to Argentina, which also included an Antarctic Voyage. I had announced before departure that I was embarking on this trip to see a Penguin not to look like one, so there was no chance of me wearing a formal suit. With respect for those who did, on Christmas Eve I took to my full length Indian kaftan and had my barnet done. Today, the time seemed right with the company of the right people so I got it done again, I just hope it lasts.

Couldn't get any photies of the childhood Shirley Temple,

Boldso hope these will suffice?

As I finish this post, the Clowns are all leaving the hotel to attend the announcement of the winners and the prize giving. The winners stand to win £2,000 and automatically go forward to the 'Nationals'. I am, of course, rooting for TTT. but lets hope they have more luck than everyone is having with the weather here right now, torrential rain, with serious flooding in some parts of the country.