Wednesday, 7 October 2009

View of the Heli-Deck

Reflections of Little Grebe (again)

After an encounter with 'white van man' deliberately driving the wrong way down Cromwell Road to save himself 10 seconds, it was on to Longcroft Cemetery for a 'no bird' experience! Walking along the quay opposite Debenhams I did find the most obliging Little Grebe ever. So close was it, that the photographs showed the refection of my bright red jacket in the water. The bus ride to Portland was curtailed as we reached Foord's Corner and the rain became torrential, so once again I was beaten by the weather. Anyroadup, this gave me an opportunity to get a few things for an up coming party and for the arrival of my protegees. It was to have been a full week-end with my 'trainees' (tongue in cheek expression), but unfortunately Dave Penney had to call off due to unforeseen circumstances. On the up side Paul & Tess from Emsworth should arrive Friday evening for what will undoubted be an excellent couple of days, particularly if the weather holds.

My visit to Asda too was with a huge up side as I bumped into ex colleague and good friend Jack Fancy who is now 85 and looks not a second different to the last time we met. One of my fondest memories of Jack was the time he spent building a 16' long fireplace for me in my first house in Reforne Close on Portland. Apart from having much time to get to know each other better, it was an eye-opener to see at first hand this master craftsman's skill. He hewed ever block of that natural stone right there in my lounge, fashioning compartments for my discs, tapes, stereo and TV equipment, like a child moulding plasticine.

White Van Man - after the ordeal

Finally today, I can report my first glimpse of Frederick David, at least photographs. While dad & mum have been a bit busy, to say the least, and enterprising company in Sydney visited the hospital and took some early images. First impression? Better looking than his POME grandad and not quite as wrinkly, bless his cotton socks!

Jack Snipe - an annual visitor to Buchan, which for some reason unknown seemed to like flying into windows. A number were nursed to recovery from an unconscious state over the years

Ruff - more or less annual

Knot - ditto

Golden Plover - ditto, with one causing a near disaster as a casualty of an air-strike with one of our crew change 'choppers

Migrants Various - can you see what any of them are yet?

Greylag Goose - annual passage bird, given to regular landings on both rig and sea

Barnacle Goose - one of the great avian delights to see dozens flying by or landing