Sunday, 14 April 2013

Grand Caymen

Due to ship's technical difficulties, only just made the 23:59 deadline!
After the mandatory Lifeboat Drill we finally slipped and proceeded from Montego Bay with the next port of call being Georgetown, Grand Caymen.
 All Life Jackets correctly donned we were released.
With 'stern tow secured the tug gently pulled us from the berth
and out into the seaway.
 Pilot disembarked and transported to shore by the Cutter
for a well earned cup of tea.
 A few MAGNIFICENT FRIGATEBIRDs overhead but nothing else.
 Singularly, the only bird en route was this
that all but landed on my boot, and then allowed me to pick it up.

 The 'Roads' off of Georgetown seemed to be littered with
Cruise Ships, in fact just 3 huge leviathans.
 We too were to anchor there and the ships tenders made ready
for Libertymen.
 Given the amount of sea-bourne traffic, an uninspiring shoreline
and not a single bird in sight I for one was in no hurry to get ashore.
With Camen Thrush long 'extinct' there was little in the bird line to attract me, but I did venture ashore but for no more than a hour, we sailed again at 18:00.
A third Cruise Liner
well forth including us!
 Ashore on the ships tender in company of the Cruise Director.
 Not a lot to photograph here,
 and as for 'paying' to take a ride in a Submarine,
I don't think so!