Saturday, 22 May 2010

Birding For Nothing & Your Victuals For Free!

Ille arrives back first thing this morning after the 'milk run'.

OK, so David Attenborough hasn't quiet handed his notice in yet, but they say he's worried. This is all we have so far of the now active Golden Orioles. Late afternoon there could have been as many as 4 individuals visiting the tall trees in the front copse. A single started singing there about 17-00 which was seen to fly west. Later another, or possibly the same, was doing likewise, and finally at 19-30 there were c2 male birds, both in song.

and here's a catch up on some photographs from the past few days.

This is as near as I've been able to get to a Woodlark.

Wood Warbler the first we've seen in the garden.

White Wagtail still feeding young.

and very lucky to get this shot of one of the Cuckoos

With very little rain of late all the Hirundines including these Swallows and

House Martin (an addition to the list) are taking advantage of this single puddle for nest building.

The cat with 'no name'! Estonian for cat is kisser, so this one is simply referred to a Big Kisser.

a quick look around the Farm House interior.

Fish & Eggs in waiting.

Ille cooking the little fish - both plates are fish, I'm wondering who's going to eat them all?

Bedroom cum Lounge.

Bedroom cum Bedroom.

Some of these keys came from Country Furniture, 'second hand' shop in Fortuneswell, Portland.

All our yesterdays.

Coffees ready!