Thursday, 25 March 2010

A Quiet Day in Weymouth

So, before anyone else gets on the 'let's get Bagsy bandwagon' best I hold my hand up and admit my culinary skills should be confined to the galley and not mixed with my incompetent literary prowess. I had never heard of the French term/word Jus (pronounced dew) before my last dinner party attended by Don Moxham who complimented me on 'the jus', hence my poor attempt at spelling the word yesterday. Djew my ass! And while we're at it it didn't have anything to do with my electrical supply even though it contained Red Currents, which I hope will put that one to bed as well?

This morning, I guess not surprisingly, was a late start, followed by an early finish. With just a single Blackcap singing in the cemetery and the sky looking more threatening by the minute, Ille and I hurried on to Radipole. There we found just c3 singing Chiffchaff and only just made it to the Visitor's Centre before the heavens opened where we took shelter for half an hour. That was the end of the 'birding' for the day, but we had received news of an Osprey seen catching a 'huge' fish, a couple of Avocet and a Green Sandpiper so maybe that was the direction we should have gone.

After a light lunch we dropped in to see Bowie and Sheila and disregarding the earliness of the hour we had a cider and glass of wine. Having met Ille before , there was an exchanging of gifts then agreed to have dinner together sometime next week before Ille returns to Tallinn.

Sheila & Bowie (doing what they do best, studying Orchids) Bagsy & Ille

This evening Ille and I enjoyed a cold plate evening meal as I introduced her to Joe Bonamassa, and suitably impressed I have decided to take her to the Bournemouth International Centre to see the man as a birthday present.