Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Out On The Town

Today was to be a 'social event', visiting some of the sights, bars, restaurants, people and clubs of Tallinn City Center. On our was to town we stopped to admire the commemorative statue to one of Estonia's greatest authors Anton Hansen Tammsaare (1878 - 1940) writer of 'Truth & Justice'.

Enter the city via the old gateway.

The Peppersack, one of Tallinn's oldest buildings.

Ille in the Main Square.

A little traditional Russian

Music before lunch.

Clockwise from me, Ille, her youngest son Herkko and his Austrian friend Stefan on a brief visit from Vienna. The duck was excellent!

Later in the day, Pierre awaited us at singularly my favourite location in the town. The Josephine Koffeek is renowned for all things chocolate especially the 'port cakes' and the hot chocolate itself. Washed down with a large Jamison's, what could be better?

An array of chocolate goodies to please the eye!

The plush interior and light Jazz make this THE place to relax.

Tea is served.

Ready for a bite to eat.

Yes, OK Bagsy back in your box!

A little further down the road, Restoran La Bottega features these 'walls of wine'.

Invited in to the Olde Hansad (c1400 AD) cucumber and a pot of Schnapps.

Auri Hakomaa, Tallinn's Mr Medieval, owner of many of the restaurants hereabouts welcomed us into his home and introduced us to his family. A memorable hour to say the least!

We visited one of his other establishments, The Restaurant Krambude which if Robin Hood himself had turned up we wouldn't have been surprised. A moment at the 'Guard Robe' to freshen up.

Some interior shots of Krambude.

At your service.

Ille by candlelight.

Good night!

A 'nightcap' at the Clazz Jazz Club, where Salsa was the order of the night, a couple of dances and beers before heading home.