Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Close to Leaving

Is there ever a good time to get toothache? The short answer is NO, but 4 days before setting off on a 3 month adventure makes the situation even worse. Anyway, I've been to see 'the man' who has prescribed a few anti-biotics, and I'm good. Not so last evening when I had to resort to going next door for help where, I'm sure Joy won't mind the analogy, The Witch wove her spell. Dispensing some green, Vietnamese jollop (quite honestly I'd have administered cow dung if convinced it would relieve the pain), this potion, rubbed externally on my lower cheek bone did the bizz within 10 minutes. Good as new, I was able to embark on yet another farewell dinner this evening, as a few like minded 'birders' met in JD's (north) for a pre-Christmas good-bye.

Paul Harris, John Down. Darragh Croxson, Peter Coe and the good looking one

Despite some spells of 'fair' weather I haven't ventured very far in the last couple of days, 'sea watching' being the least favourite of my bird watching activities, but apart from that I don't think I've missed much as I continue to make at least some provisional plans for the upcoming trip. Byron's notes have kept me very busy and I have now got much of the Ecuador leg in place, despite needing much more time there. My mates from Norway arrive tomorrow, as they have decided a few weeks in Weymouth will be preferable to another winter in Tromso, so for the sake of a 'couple of bob' in the meter they will look after my trappings while I'm away. If you're passing and see any lights it's only them!

For a little padding here are a couple of images from the archives.

Australian Magpie - Australia

Tufted Puffin (not the Kent bird) - Alaska

Shaheen - Sri Lanka

Stork-billed Kingfisher - Sri Lanka