Saturday, 1 October 2011

Sweet Wine - Cream

The Large Ground Finch, this months 'header', is one of the 14 or 15 Darwin's Finches (also known as the Galápagos or Geospizinae Finches) where this photograph was taken in 2010.

The first day of the new month has been much the same weather-wise as the the final one of the old. Hot sunshine, cloudless sky and a gentle breeze which we may now officially refer to as an 'Indian Summer'. The term, originating from the North American Indians, is any period of unseasonable fine weather during the months of October and November which allowed the tribes extra time to hunt, gather and reap crops, a bonus indeed! But it was last night where all the action was.

As a guest of my friend Lesley Brown, together we attended the 'Golden Wedding Anniversary' of Colin and Pat Shaw with a chance to at least to make the acquaintance of a good number of people, but there were some familiar faces including a couple of workmates from long ago John & Keith Melon.

All set for the evening, Lesley & I enjoy an aperitif before the vegetable soup.

The gathering of over 60 guests make ready for the rib of beef, fresh veg and roast potatoes, followed by a delicious strawberry fool pudding.

Pat & Colin cut the 3 tier cake,

but Pat is quick to show off the delightful cake made by Lesley, decoration matching both invitations and table decoration.

Colin also came over for a chat with Lesley,

and what followed was one of a number of highlights of a splendid evening, the dancing - GREAT!
I do have to say a word about the Rembrandt Hotel, Weymouth, where the function was held, for their professionalism, hard work and excellent fare and of course to Colin & Pat for inviting me along.

Here's to the next 50!

As for today,
My garden ain't overgrown
and the weeds ain't creeping up on my home (any more).

Thanks to the Dolly Diggers who made an excellent job of getting it back to how it should look. On the strength of that I felt 'duty bound' to put some effort into it, so cleared out the pond for the upcoming winter period. Thinking that would be all else my day would produce, I was in for a massive and most interesting surprise. Many of the people I know are keen enthusiasts of the hobby of catching and recording Moths, so I was honoured when one of them, Paul Harris, turned up at my house to show me one of the most sort after insects in the land.

A Clifden Nonpareil a creature I had never clapped eyes on before. Posing on his hand for the photographs, it took to the wing and put on a fine aeriel display in my dining room before being returned to a chilled box for transport home and release back into the wild.

Another love Paul and I enjoy is 'fine wine' so on the strength of his visit and the showing of what the Victorians used to call Blue Underwing, we cracked a bottle of 2007 Charlie Herring (Tau Syrah grape). If the Skinny Kid is reading this we did toast yours and and the 'long suffering' Liz's health, in addition to Andy Lindsay and Dawn - CHEERS to EVERYONE!!