Sunday, 13 June 2010

A Load of Rubbish, Both On & Off the Pitch!

Last evening I had Joy & Roy (next door) round for supper, and it was a timely reminder as to why I don't usually watch football. The plan was to have a bite to eat and watch the England v USA game, which in my humble and uneducated opinion the latter ran them off the park? Was Wayne Rooney playing, for I didn't hear his name mentioned, are England usually a shower of 'fouling b*s*a*ds' and if I turn up with my boots for the next game can I have a go in goal?

Well, the morning was overcast and still but it seemed unlikely there would be any rain, so after coffee while watching a Grey Heron being mobbed by Herring Gulls as it flew over my house, I set off for Radipole. Little of note there except for the continued singing of the male Blackcap,

and the carcass of this Carp in the middle of the footpath. Some predator/scavenger had eaten the best part of the body, and while I did look for 'prints' I'd like to think it was an Otter that dragged it to the bank.

It's rare I venture into Weymouth town center, particularly first thing in the morning, but had decided on a visit to Portland and the walk did me good as I waited for the first bus. What was disappointing was the amount of litter throughout the whole length of the main street with no excuse for this as there are 2 bins even in this picture. The council lads were doing their best to clear up, but what is needed are some Draconian Laws to prevent these animals operating. You would rarely see anything approaching this in Eastern Europe, and they are suppose to be the 'less developed nations'? Oh no they're not!

At Portland I walked from Barleycrates, around the area of The Hump, back onto the West Cliff, down to the Bill and onward to the Bird Observatory, where most of the few birds encountered seemed to be feeding young.

Meadow Pipit

I thought this made quite a nice shot, with bill full of flying insects.

and a Skylark doing similarly.

Starling, unfortunately the camera couldn't capture the true colour of the sheen on this birds plumage.

As well as this Painted Lady (photo taken from my archive) there would have been photographs of Blue Tit feeding young, House Martin collecting mud for nest building and my first Painted Lady of the year but once again incompetance took over. I have got to download and copy these images in a more systematic way!


It is with great regret that I hear of the demise of what I considered to be an excellent Birding Tour Company as they go into bankruptcy. On the trip to Colombia last year, I found both Steve Bird and his partner Gina Nicol not only the very best of company but also fine 'birders'. Steve has a keen eye for picking up anything that moves, quickly identifying it and then even quicker to bring the telescope to bear. We would all have been quite a few species 'down' had it not been for these skills. I'd just like to wish them both the very best of luck for the future, as he has also told me "I will return". ALL THE BEST STEVE & GINA!

and while we're at it, a few more previously unpublished shots from Colombia, hope you enjoy them!

White-capped Tanager

Gold-ringed Tanager

Blue-napped Chlorophonia

and finally, I'd like to welcome the readers from the REPUBLIC of MOLDOVA to the fold. There were quite a few people I met there but great to see that some of you have taken to giving the Blog a try. Please spread the word as it would be a pleasure to communicate with people of such a clean, productive and friendly country. Thank you once again for your hospitality!