Sunday, 10 March 2013

Jean Francois and Roong Ozoux

The final paragraph of yesterday's Blog should have read like this,
but it was decided to hold it over for today as the only part of
this post that has anything to do with me, me, me, me - ME!
 Déjà vu
 as yet another Highway Chile takes to the road!
this time well waterlogged but hell bent on getting a lift.
I know the feeling Kid!
Before wandering off to pastures new, I really feel the need to tell you a little more about these 2 'most remarkable' people who I am proud to have met and gotten along with so very well over the past couple of days.
ROONG is the 43 year old daughter of a Chinese mother and Indian father who believes China to be the greatest nation on earth. Now a resident of Thailand she has lived in many parts of the world and often visits Paris and Cayenne. Born in Phuket she began traveling and photography with Jean Francois for ten years
in south east Asia, Europe Guyane and Brazil  and is now a passionate and talented nature photographer.
JEAN FRANCOIS is ostensibly a Frenchman who's grandfather was half Chinese but born in Saigon, while his grandmother, an Anamite/Vietnamese, born in France and still lives enjoying an independent 105th year on earth. He however was born in Morocco. When I mentioned to him that I rarely, if ever, utter the word 'old' he replied:- "the only way I've found of live a long time is to grow old".
When one of their friends in Thailand was struck by a natural disaster (flood) Jean and Roong immediately decide to do something positive about it. They struck on the idea of designing and producing bespoke and unique Kimonos to sell in order to start rebuilding the house. They only made a Limited Number but word got out and caused such a sensation that before long they were able to make a contribution towards the house. For all of this project, I'm sure you'll agree Roong make the perfect model.
 A selection of both of their Photographic Works
birds I have little or no idea of identification.
Extracts from their Field Sketch Books.
Snakes in the Grass, I won't attempt these!
 A few more birds from around the World which I will venture
a go at identifying.
 Orange-bellied Sunbird - South Africa
 Great and ?Snowy Egrets - The Americas
 'dark morph' Asian Paradise Flycatcher

 Racket-tailed Drongo - Asia
 Hoopoe - Euro/Asia unless it's African?
 Wanted to say Ring-necked Parakeet
but think it's something else South American?
 and Artwork doodlings.
 I love the assimilation between Ballerinas and
flying Black-winged Stilts!
and Back of
the House that Jean Francois Built
having designed every centimeter,
and between them they decorated and formed a home.
Nice to know an 'open invitation' has been extended,
I can already feel a flight to Phuket, Thailand coming on!
 I'm wondering WHO 'should' be doing The Blog?