Thursday, 10 September 2009

Surf, Sea & Sky (oh yes and Waders)

World & Olympic Champions in
Portland Harbour

How many times have you been over to Portland in the last fortnight? Or for that matter Portland to Weymouth? And the final question in this difficult quiz, how many times have you stopped and witnessed a 'World Event' on your very doorstep, free of charge and all the excitement and colour you could imagine? Well, the World Windsurfing Championship Regatta finished this afternoon, and this is where I go into extremely 'quiet' mode so not to tempt providence, as it looks every bit like local hero Nick Dempsey (who??) has knocked the rest of the other 39 nations competing into a cocked hat. It would seem only some sporting catastrophe like a 'blood capsule' not bursting properly, or an unforeseen 'penalty box dive' can deprive the lad from Wyke Regis. As we go to press there is no confirmation but it looks like the GB ladies may have 'walked' it into'em (sic) as well. Oh, is that a 'big hand' I hear ringing out, you could have sent it across Portland Harbour personally during the final race this afternoon. See you at the WORLD SPEED CHAMPIONSHIPS in October, same place, different time, probably even more excitement!

Medal Fleet (Top 10) Race 11
Provisional Results

Pos Country / Sail No Name Race Time

1 GBR 1 Nick Dempsey 17' 40"

2 NED 8 Dorian van Rijsselberge 17' 48"

3 POL 126 Przemyslaw Miarczynski 18' 18"

4 BRA 1 Ricardo Santos 19' 03"

5 GRE 8 Byron Kokalanis 19' 19"

6 ITA 110 Fabian Heidegger 19' 43"

7 ISR 21 Nimrod Mashiah 20' 22"

8 POL 82 Piotr Myszka 20' 26"

9 POR 75 Joao Rodrigues 20' 47"

10 ESP 2 Ivan Pastor 26' 52"


Birdwise today was much the same as yesterday, except for a large number of Hirundines, mostly taking a last drink at Lodmoor and disappearing over the sea wall and into the Channel. Additionally, there were good numbers of Meadow Pipit and Linnet, plus a few Willow Warblers also heading south, a Kingfisher plus the attendant Common Buzzard. At the Bill Pied and Spotted Flycatcher were predominant, but that is about all I saw.

Sparrowhawk with hapless House Sparrow

Not posted for its photographic quality, but simply to emphesis that moment in time, when death calls. It reminded me of that excellent story of the 2 men walking from Weymouth to Upwey when just ahead they see 'Death Personified' at which one man turns and races home. The other simply bids Death a good day, to which he replied, "I really would liked to have met your friend, but not to worry I have a rendezvous with him in St Thomas street tomorrow afternoon".

Only a Few Waders Left Now!

Semipalmated Plover - Vancouver, Canada

Spotted Sandpiper - Toad River, Yukon Territory, Canada

Pectoral Sandpiper - Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada

Killdeer - Beaver Creek, British Columbia, Canada