Thursday, 15 October 2009

Mizen the Music (at your peril)

Eric and Joe just winding up into 'So Many Roads'

I make no apologies for starting today's blog off with a little Rock 'n' Roll, as I sit here appraising my latest punt from Given to taking a chance, now and again, on maybe just a moment of inspiration I'll buy a CD or DVD on hearing just a single track of this or that. Thus was the case with Joe Bonamassa (Joe who I hear you say), on experiencing his superb rendition of the Page/Plant composition Tea For One, from the grossly under rated Zeppelin album Presence.

Being as Bristol have already installed their street decorations and lights, I have no qualms mentioning the C word, while solving one of your Christmas present problems in a short sentence. 'Joe Bonamassa Live from the Royal Albert Hall'. From what I have just seen and heard, I could write a book, but for now suffice to say this 33 year old New York (mainly) guitarist is the most inspirational I have heard since Mick Taylor joined John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. In this double album set Joe sticks rigidly to Gibson instruments using a classic Les Paul, an SG, a Flying V and what looks like a personal 'custom built' guitar. I wouldn't presume to place this beautiful sound into a 'pigeon hole', but would note his voice is similar to that of the dear departed Stevie Ray Vaughn. Those around him are also 'top of their game', including duel drums, slippery base, horn section that make Mussel Shoals sound like the Salvation Army and keyboard player who is just as adept clashing 2 tambourines together as tickling the ivories. As for musical content, the high point for me was when he unexpectedly terminates 'Just Got Paid' by bursting into the 'axe break' from Dazed and Confused (for so long it's not true, wanted a woman never bargained for you). So, it's now up to you, miss it, for about £11 from Amazon, at your peril.

For the past 2 evenings I have been trying to see the Bill Barn Owl. In attendance for about 5 days now, it is said to get active about 19-00 but first night I was in the wrong spot (as Farmer Curtis saw it close to 8 Kings), while last night, as far as I can establish, it wasn't seen at all. However, on the plus side the sunset, as depicted above, was sensational and there was another chance to chat to my new found pals Annie and her daughter Chelsea, who are part of the horse fraternity (below).

The birding at Barleycrates started a little better than yesterday, but I suppose it could be argued it would be difficult for it to be worse! Almost immediately a Reed Bunting was heard calling, and soon a male and female were sighted. In addition there were a few Redwing, but only one on the ground, Siskin and alba Wagtails plus 3 Stonechat and a Grey Wagtail. Top Fields seemed almost devoid of birdlife, but Britain's latest warship the 'stealth' destroyer HMS Daring made for an interesting shot with the Isle of Wight in the far distance. A thermaling Common Buzzard broke the drought, while at the Obs the 2 Turtle Doves were still in attendace, even closer than previous days, with a few Chiffchaff. There were reports of 2 each Yellow-browed Warbler and Lapland Bunting but I was privy to none of them. On the way to Portland on the bus, I estimated there to be about 100 Brent Geese at Ferry Bridge, and stopping off on the way home they had gone but this skein of 9 did cross the harbour and headed up the Fleet.

Reed Bunting - a poor shot

HMS Daring

Brent Geese - maybe just arriving

Regular readers my remember my previous ramblings about a vessel trawling in West Bay under a mizen sail, well here she is passing the Bill. As far as I can acertain, she is the Bot Willie registered at Fowey, Cornwall but I'll look out for her alongside the wall at Weymouth to find out moor.
Boy Willie ?? - showing mizen sail