Thursday, 8 October 2009

Introducing Frederick the Fantastic

It's now later in the day!

Well, here is the wee man, the third in line to bear this most popular 'Baker' name. The lineage runs, Frederick the First (my father), (Paul) Frederick the Incomparable (me) and Frederick (David) the Younger.

For the extremely impatient (which includes me) here are the first photos of my second grandson. Captions will follow later in the day.

Frederick, straight in at the 'deep end', love the gaiters

I've never seen my little girl glowing quite so much, motherhood suiting you love?

Yes, I can see why dad looks so puffed out, I feel the same when I watch someone working hard

Goldcrest - annual during both migrations, with many dead

Garden Warbler - it may be noted that an amendment has been made to last Monday's post, where I stated the picture was a Chiffchaff. Paul Harris kindly put me right, and guess this is an ideal opportunity to reiterate, correction to any mistakes or misidentifications will always be gratefully received

Chaffinch - again numerous at both ends

Brambling - this was another bird that caused a sensation when first sighted, because of the partial albinism
Starling - often many thousands move through

Jackdaw - rarely alone, when a number do arrive they usually stayed for days, if not weeks

Hooded Crow - seen during both migrations more or less annually, and in similar numbers to their all black cousins

Only did Radipole today for a meagre Common Buzzard, Hooded Merganser, 3 Ruddy Shelduck and a small movement of Meadow Pipits.