Friday, 14 August 2009

Christchurch, Dorset 12th & 13th August 2009

Well, back to the sacred county and a short visit to my farming friends Hugh & Janet Dampney down at Parley Court. Almost managed to sidestep the haymaking, but unsurprisingly always first at the dinner table for more of their excellent fare. Both extremely good cooks, Hugh excelled with the bass on my last evening, and Janet with 2 all too calorific 'duffs'. The Chassagne-Montrachet and '95 Du Tertre helped put them to bed, but the extensive walking was also beneficial. During the 2 days 37 species of birds were recorded (strange to relate no Mute Swan on the duck pond or Stour) and 12 butterflies. In addition Hobby was proved as a successful breeding species close by. The 'turf manager' and his crew plus mine hosts are pretty good on birds and maintained there was a Long-eared Owl, close to the Manor house, for several days during late spring, but unfortunately no concrete evidence. A good time was had by all.
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