Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Gulls of the World (Part 5) A Few Yanks

Western Gull

An adult with juvenile on El Sugunda Beach, Los Angeles, California 2007

California Gull

Newport Beach, Oregon 2007, the degree of difficulty, particularly on the US west coast, are hybrids. One set of photographs taken here of California Gull had such bright yellow legs it was initially thought (more accurately hoped) to be a Yellow-footed Gull.

Thayer's Gull

Also taken on Newport Beach, Oregon, on what was a dull, misty day with persistant light rain, the kind that gets you very wet very quickly eough to abort our walk. Drenched, we boldly entered a 'posh' hotel, ordered a coffee then used all their facilities to get dry. That done we equally brazzenly approach a couple of 'clam fisherman' and gently coaxed them into giving us a lift back (5 miles) to our motel.

American Herring Gull

Taken during one of four visits to Cape May, New Jersey which really is everything you've heard about it. I just love this place and have made some good friends there.

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