Thursday, 27 August 2009

This is not A Swan Song - just all the Swans of the World

Northern Hemisphere

Mute Swan with a (small) 'Polish' strain bird (center) & juvenile (top) - Radipole Lake, Dorset

Bewick's Swan - Ibsley Bridge, Hants

Whooper Swan - Cheng Du, China

Whistling Swan - New Jersey, USA

Trumpeter Swan - Toad River, British Columbia, Canada

Southern Hemisphere

Coscoroba - Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Note on Costanera Sur NR. Just 10 minute (£3 taxi ride) from anywhere in the city, a 'must visit' reserve, on the edge of the Rio del Plata. Extremely popular with the locals, the only thing that outnumbers the people and litter are birds!

Black-necked Swan - Costanera Sur ER, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Black Swan - Tomato Lake, Perth, Australia

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