Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Wet 'n' Windy Wednesday

This remarkable set of photographs came into my possession some time ago via a friend who has spent his whole life on the edge of the Fleet and comments he has never witnessed the likes before. Taken after the fairly violent storm of 9th February 2009, the location is adjacent the Coastguard Cottages at Abbotsbury. Before publishing these shots (for which I have permission) I decided it best to investigate them further, talking to a number of Portisham / Abbotsbury folk. They too have never seen such changes in the beach structure or such wide spread and prolific 'rock / clay scatter'. If any of my readers can shed further light on this phenomena I, and several others, would be pleased to hear from you. This can be done via the 'comments' line below each posting, just click the word in green. Any notes that follow should be taken at face value as they may be inaccurate or short of fact.

These ridges, on the Fleet side of the Chesil, are locally known as 'crubs' and regularly run horizontally, ie from Abbotsbury to Portland. They have been seen in the past but not to such depth.

Undermining of the beach by sea erosion is not uncommon.

Unidentified metal cast, maybe used as a 'clump' (anchor) to secure a small boat, fishing net etc?

Clay slip, again not unusual except for the amount.

The next 3 images highlight the vast amount of rock and clay 'scatter' more than recalled before?

The edge of the clay slip, known as The Hard was where, a friend informs me, local children would be sent to search for coins and other small artifacts, with some success.

I would like to thank Don Moxom, Joy Langford et al for their help, time and insight into this fascinating occurrence.

Note:- Changes have been made to this post as my brain decided to, briefly, click back into gear. See ammendment and appology at Waders of the Lost Arc-hive 'post'.

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