Wednesday, 28 October 2009

BFB Revisited

It's easy to tell when you have to leave, just look out of the window and the rain has stopped, the sky is blue and there's a 'pager' message to say a Great Bustard has just landed down the road. Anyway, it is time to go and as I said yesterday we have had a most comfortable stay in what I would suggest will suit particularly all the 'birders' I know. I have learned that this is not classified a hotel, but more a retreat for quite, gentle people. Originally built as a 'quiet sanctuary' for a religious group the hospitality was extended to those pursuing such interests as yoga etc and now open to all comers. Strictly a none profit making concern, the reigns are still held by the 'fathers' but run under management. A few more photos follow to further emphasise the accommodation. Those wishing to make contact, it is Altmoisa, Kulalistemaja (

A last minute update:- Ille has just paid the bill, and the total cost for the 2 of us, breakfast, dinner, endless coffee and bike hire E201 for 3 days. Add to this a complimentary bottle of wine, and I think we have done very well.

One of 2 large suites, spacious while well appointed

The same room, different angle

8 other rooms comprise twin bed facilities

While there are 2 other rtooms with double beds

All walls were hand painted by the students at the Tartu Art College

Hoist by your own Petard
I have another 'follower' joined the readership. Previously described through these pages as Big Fat Billy, I had no idea he would join the ranks so had no fear of doing so. Last time similar utterance were made in Belize, there were threats of someone ending up in the lake. Jim the Medic must have passed on the 'link', so I now have to point out that I didn't know at the time how to spell Skinny, Good Looking, Effervescent Billy. These days he is more widely known as Billy Crumble, so dubbed after an outburst of song in Waldo's Night Club, El Salvador, when to the tune of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer he warbled "Rhubarb and Custard Crumble". It was funny at the time. If your 'logging on' old mate, all the very best to you and it would be fantastic to hook-up at some time - talk to the real Fat Kid!

So, here's a few memory jerkers for you son! Remember when your old dad used to take you on holiday with that little bucket and spade??

The Skinny Nipper - Chichen Itza, Mexico

Relaxing (again) in Belize

Belize / Guatemala border, first sighting of Oscillated Turkey

Mi Laddo - Twin Pyramids, Tikal - Guatemala

Chichicastenango - Guatemala, where Pagan meets Christianity

Two-toed Sloth - Nicaragua

Vulcan Arenal - Costa Rica

A bit of a cruise - Honduras

Three-wattled Bellbird - Costa Rica

Billy @ Panama Canal

Probably the most incredible engineering fete in the World?

Three-toed Sloth - Pipeline Road, Panama

Bet you never forget this day in Panama City with Charlie Anderson (bass player with the Ska band Selector) and family?

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