Friday, 23 October 2009

Photo Phailure (Corrected)

What a Welcome

Arrived safely in Estonia at 00.20 this morning with little more than a minor hitch to report en-route. We were 30 minutes on the tarmac at Heathrow before the Air Traffic Controllers returned from their extended coffee break, so there was some doubt that I would make my connection in Helsinki. In the event I had about 30 minutes to get off the plane, get through passport control and walk to the other side of the airport. This would have been fairly straight forward had I not got half way before realising I had left Ille's present in the luggage rack. I made it by the skin of my teeth and left Finland the same as I arrived Tallinn, in a downpour of rain. All thoughts of that disappeared as I saw Tallinn Lady at the end of the concourse, and within 15 minutes in a taxi we were at her appartment. A glass of wine and supper and I had had enough or this part of the day, and there followed a very lazy awakening. This afternoon we met up with Herkko and Helis, Ille's son and his lady, and ate at a very good restaurant, Vertigo, aptly named being 10 stories above the city centre. After this I was indulged in one of my favourites at the Chocolateria where the drinking chocolate is the best I have had anywhere in the world. During the afternoon, Ille had contacted her friend, Chief Administrator at the Tallinn Concert Hall, who not only gave us 2 tickets for the cities Symphony Orchestra, but also involved us in a wine reception and arranged drinks for us at the interval. I hope to bring you photographs of all these events when I can hook my computer up to the internet, but for now I'm having to use Ille's which is presenting a little difficulty with a different format. So for now we will both wish you farewell, with a message from Ille to thank those who sent presents and good wishes to her, THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!

Anyone got Vertigo yet? Ille with Helis

A flower?
Hot Chocolate all round

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