Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A Game of Two Halves

Sunday was one half while yesterday was quite a different story. Early morning we visited farmland with good numbers of tree, and while the day once again started quietly, there were birds to see right from the start. Mainly Tanagers, Flycatchers and Spinetails but plenty enough to test identification skills. As mid-day approached we called into a wayside shed where they were selling soft drinks, and that's when things exploded. Dozens of species of mant families, too numerous to name now as it's after mid-night here and we start again at 06-00, so must get some kip. If time allows I will publish a full list but so far there's barely been time to eat. Oh, talking of eating, we called into El Vara on our way to the afternoons birding, and what a feast. For a 'fiver' the steaks were enough to feed 3, pollo (chicken) a whole bird and I had the biggest piece of tuna I've ever sat down to. I think the Columbian's are decimating the oceans on their own?

PM we visited a coffee grove in search of Andean Wren and Velvet-fronted Euphonia, which we 'dipped' on both, but once again plenty to keep us occupied. Bird of the day was Moustached Puffbird which wasn't formally on Birdseekers list so a Company tick there, while I was the only person to see Streak-backed Treerunner (which will not be added to the collective trip list, as a single person sighting) but will sure as hell go on mine.

This evening we arrived in Cali about 300 miles south west of Bogota on the western slopes of the Andes where we will spend tonight and all day tomorrow. We have fallen behind already 'calling the log' so will do that at 06-15 when we can agree on all we saw today. It has just turned mid-night so I'm off to the bunk, but hope to post again soon.

A bush full of Smooth-billed Ani.

Saffron Finch extremely common but excellent value for all that.

Black-billed Thrush (female) one of my target birds (know what I mean about thrushes Dave?).

Vermillion Flycatcher not a perfect male, but quite good enough.

Grey-hooded Bush Tanager one worth having in the log.

Moustached Puffbird simply the bird of the day.

Cattle Egret familiar to many of you, but they always make a great picture and I was determined to post one decent image (hope it qualifies).

Finally, I will appologise for the poor quality of all the photographs so far. This is mainly due to a shite photographer, camera playing up, most birds at long distance and poor light conditions, or combinations of all four.
Excuses, excuses, excuses!!!!

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  1. Hi Dad

    Glad you're ok. Looks like you're having a fab time. We're all ok this end. We're pretty much already for Christmas. We put the tree and decs up last weekend. Got some last bits of wrapping to do, and then we're all done. Got a quiet weekend coming up (thank god). Its been quite hectic the last few weekends. Any way take care. Love you lots. Your bestest & eldest !!!! XXXXX