Friday, 13 November 2009

The Last of the Albatross'

Another memorable evening at JD's (yes I do have shares in them) with Sooty and Gill, which included bumping into a few mates I haven't seen for a while. Muso's Graham and Lisa who I met the very first day they came to live in Weymouth striking an immediate friendship. We have since shared a few gigs together, before they sold their house and possessions and dropped out on a world 'backpacking' jaunt. Their main news was they got married in Barbados a few months ago, so once again both my Best Wishes. Johns Bailey and Hunt were also in attendance, the latter being one of my crew in the Merchant Service years ago, and Bailey the Viking and I just seem to have known each other forever.

and another update on Frederick of Australia

6 weeks old now, according to the parents he's doing fine and is a good lad.

I know the York's (Bernard's family) will excuse me describing them as an extended family, this photo shows just a few of them. Freddie is between his Australian grandparents David and Peta, I'll be glad when it's my turn to hold him!

the final set of the Albatross series photographs

Grey-headed Albatross - Coastal South Island, New Zealand

White-capped Albatross - same sea area


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