Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Panama & Party Hats

Robbie Jauncey - where the hell did he come from. Many years ago his dear old mum and I did some good business together that still buys me a drink or two today! Good to see you mate.

Having paid my respects at the eleventh minute on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, with thoughts of my Dad and Grandfather (Scan), both seamen like myself, who played their part, I wiped away the tears and got down to some serious partying. JD Weatherspoon was celebrating 30 years of business while the Swan clocked up their 10 years. I thought I'd be early but even at 15 minutes before the time stated on the invite I was one of the last in. Captain Stupid got things going in typical 40's fashion with a bit of 'Knees Up Mother Brown' etc, and to be honest the rest is academic. What a fantastic afternoon, with lovely people many I hadn't seen for many a day. so that's all I have to say - a GREAT day.

Alan, Diane, Val and Leslie partying and eating

My old 'shipmate' Ted King, Moi and his lady Vera the very best company a man could ask for.

Kelvin, a man we're always pleased to see when we want a lobster! I'm sure Andy Lindsay would like to thank him on behalf of Saturday nights Thermadore?

Jason aka Captain Stupid a great entertainer, got the party going

Kim, mine host, in Glitter mode!

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