Monday, 2 November 2009

Thoughts of This Time Tomorrow

What a welcome change in the weather today? As I walked from Radipole to Lodmoor, via Greenhill, I mused that temperatures were positively warm. At the former there was evidence of visible migration with Wood Pigeon predominant backed by good numbers of Skylark and Meadow Pipit. Along with these were single Stonechat, 4 Pochard and a number of Common Snipe, while on the way to the latter I observed 5 Turnstone east of the Pier Bandstand. The Moor immediately offered up a Greenshank, albeit briefly, as Little Egret a few Lapwing, single Kingfisher, a few Reed Bunting plus 10 Black-tailed Godwit also found space in the log. November was the only month I had never recorded Marsh Harrier in the county, so one of the 2 regular juveniles was a welcome sighting as were a few tardy Painted Lady Butterflies. In Weymouth Bay a couple of 'tankers' still swing to their anchors, probably indicating the continuing economic situation (no cargo's), but among them were 3 Great Northern Divers, while a Sparrowhawk flew in from seaward.

One of 5 Turnstones at Greenhill

with a number of Reed Buntings evident on Lodmoor

while 'dabbling ducks', including this pair of Gadwall and good numbers of Teal were on Lodmoor

With a lunch date at noon (no one said retirement was going to be easy) I was surprised how quickly the morning had passed, when in the company of Darragh Croxson and Dick & Debbie Morris I noted via my mobile the time was 11-10. Reassured by my company that it was an hour earlier, I realised I had not altered the clock since my return from Estonia so still had time to finish some business in town. Shelagh over the road had invited fellow neighbour Noreen and Joy's friend Roy for a midday repast. Very nice it was too, and after putting the world to rights we went our separate ways, m to get ready for tomorrow! Tomorrow, oh I hadn't mentioned that. Andy Lindsey phoned me yesterday afternoon suggesting we had a mid-week week-end in London which it took me a micro second to agree to. It has been a while since we last embarked on what had previously been a regular Big Lads day out, so is long outstanding. Uriah Heep, in their much altered form, are playing Holloway on Wednesday evening but we have decided to give that a miss. If Messrs Byron, Kerslake and Thain were still in operation it would have been a forgone conclusion, but it was agreed, best let sleeping dogs lie. However, we have a few interesting plans afoot which I'll divulge via these pages over the next couple of days, so watch this space. Over and Out!

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