Thursday, 19 November 2009

Who'd Want to be in a House Full of Leake's - Me!

A huge thank you to Sooty and Gill to start this post, an excellent meal, great conversation and a promise to do it again on my return. For those of you who eat out in Weymouth and go Indian, Chilli's opposite the train station is a good bet. Can't say I've ever been big on this type of food, but certainly enjoy it on that odd occasion, last evening was full of good flavours, quality ingredients and friendly, polite service. There doesn't have to be a criticism but if I voiced one it would be to vary the muzak, U2 have made a good deal of excellent tracks, but nowhere enough to fill an entire evening!

Today has been total getting ready, seeming like every time one task was completed two others appeared. Any rate sprinting blocks are hammered in, so just waiting for the gun. So, this being the penultimate post from the UK for many a day, I'll get straight on with the second and final part of the Yukon visit.

Having warmed to Heather immediately, she straight away went on to earn more 'team points' by saying it would be Moose for lunch - yum, yum. Perfectly complimented by a Mediterranean salad and freshly baked bread, I can report that it was some of the finest meat I've eaten. After our repas (whoops, better not use that word - private joke) meal Colin had to return to work, and collect the Elk which was planned for dinner, while Heather had to busy herself with tending the horses, paperwork plus a number of other things. She was most concerned about what I might do, I assured her that after a look around their most interesting house, I would be more than happy to spend the rest of the rainy afternoon in the wood shed. She was bemused by this until I pointed out the birds outside were common place to her, but likely to be a first sighting ever for me. As will be seen from the photographs below it proved very profitable, with 3 'world lifers' entering the log.

The area just outside of the house where Heather's father fashioned all the timber for their house.

On arrival I was issued with the leather cowboy hat.

Side elevation of the Leake homestead.

Front elevation.
Invited to stay as long as I liked, this was the out-house I would have to sleep in.

If I described the look around the house as 'interesting' it would understate the experience entirely. The structure was centered on the lounge / living room, where a huge natural rock had been left in place with the footings dug around it. Alone it would have made the most novel centerpiece, but with the strategically place wood burner fire it may be unique? The photos give a limited look of the decor most of which, despite Colin's hunting prowess, was found around the forest floor. The wolf skins are attributed to him as are the fishing lure, all crafted by him from mostly natural materials. It was obvious a whole lot of thought had gone into the design and construction and given they also have 2 daughters (and a young lad who apparently spends more time here than at home) and the local conditions, creature comforts would be paramount.

Some of Colin's trophies from the back-woods.

Heather, closest camera, 2 friends Colin, Shona, Amber and young friend Joseph

Similar shot, except for me with Colin's 'longbow'.

It was getting near time to leave, but Colin assured me that we would be back at Toad River in time for the Greyhound. Before that, there was to be another treat, the Elk. Served with boiled potatoes and roast vegetables, only a good Burgundy counld better things. It was better than good, and by the time of leaving all I needed was a kip, I was going to the right place. A long coach ride under the cover of darkness was made shorter by a welcome sleep, and my memories of some of the finest people and hospitality I can remember.

Purple Finch (male)

Golden-crowned Sparrow


American Robin - what a garden list?

My best wishes go to the Leake's. It's always good to receive your e-mails, hope you got mine with this link.

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